Saturday, August 8, 2015


Oh, sweet, reliable Friday.  The minute my eyes pop open in the morning on Friday, it's like a pressure valve is automatically released and the joy of the weekend immediately begins to seep in.  Not every Friday.  But most.  And, inevitably, everyone in my household has a visible skip in their step on this typically awesome day.  Rain or shine, summer or winter, doesn't matter.  How incredible and insanely simple it is when you think about it.  This particular Friday is even more amazing than most for me.  Want to know why?

Rosie enjoying a mid-camp break.

~ First, I haven't seen my 10 year old since I dropped her off at camp 2 weeks ago (which feels like 2 months ago) and my husband and I are headed up to NH so we can spend the day with her tomorrow.

Grace having fun with the home.

~ Second, my 8 year old, who claims she is going to marry me and live with me for the rest of her life, is headed up to Maine with a friend for the week-end.  Am I nervous?  Hell yeah.  But, it's time.  She needs to venture out of the nest and it might as well be now.  Fly, fly little one.  (Godspeed, Emily)

~ Third, in exactly one week from today I will be flying out to WA to spend 5 days with my Oiselle teammates at running camp.  That's right....running camp.   A 5 day getaway for women who like to run and discuss all things running.  Laugh all you want CJB, I don't care.  I am giddy.

~ Fourth, Spotify recently changed it's New Music Tuesday playlist to New Music Friday.  Thus, every Friday, the masterminds behind this amazing service post about 50 new songs for my listening pleasure.  And these guys do not discriminate in their choices.  They throw it all up there; music from several genres by both current and emerging artists.  In my opinion, today's list is especially good thus enhancing my Friday even more.  Thank you Spotify.

So, there it is folks.  Friday rules.  Oh, and this Friday (yesterday) was so damn good that I lost track of time and forgot to submit this post.   How about that??  Enjoy your weekend.  Here's to next Friday.

Listen to this:
Set Me Free - Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique


  1. Ah have so much fun at Bird Camp! So jealous! I've been listening to the Oiselle playlists on Spotify and they are fabulous. Such an eclectic mix!

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