Friday, October 14, 2016


"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.  Design is how it works."
~ Steve Jobs

When the ladies over at Oiselle asked me to review one of the products from their Fall 2016 line I was more than thrilled for multiple reasons.  First, I tend to love all things Oiselle.  Second, I'm slowly making my way back from a gnarly injury and have more time than usual to focus on things beyond my training. Third, it's getting cold here in the Boston area and I'm wearing long sleeves on a daily basis, so the timing is perfect.  And, finally, did I mention I'm a huge fan of Oiselle?  So, here's the low down on this gem.  Let's start with the product specs:

Tripoli Seamless Long Sleeve
- 67% nylon / 30% poly / 3% elastane
- wicking + odor resistant
- seamless construction
- thumbholes
- tripoli print at chest and shoulder
- 21" body length (size small)

I'm not gonna lie, they kind of had me at thumbholes.  I'm a huge fan of anything with this brilliant feature.  What's also cool about this piece is that is has just a bit of compression which is a really nice element, particularly in the colder months.  I find that the closer an item is to my body, the more comfortable I feel, the quicker I get warmed up and, ultimately, the better I run.  You can't really beat that.
Today I took it out for a test drive, if you will.  It was a brisk 40 degrees outside, chilly but no winter bite yet.  I started my run with my hands in the thumbholes.  By mile two, I had pulled them up and over my wrists as it got warm pretty quickly.  That said, despite the fact the sun was beating down, I never overheated.  The nylon/poly combo keeps you both warm and cool and, more importantly, totally dry.  There are not many shirts out there than offer this type of dual functionality and I consider this one of the Tripoli's biggest perks.  I also like the fact that the top of the shirt is a little higher than usual so that my neck and chest aren't exposed to the elements.  While the overall look and feel the Tripoli Long Sleeve is somewhat sporty, the unique, triangular pattern sets it apart giving it a sleek and chic twist.  Today's temps were perfect for the shirt on it's own.  As the days get cooler, I'll wear it as a base layer underneath a jacket or vest.  Of course, in the spring time, I can see myself sporting it with a pair of shorts, the ideal combo for those first few weeks of April.  So, basically, it's a three season shirt, snug, comfy, soft and multi-functional.  You can't get much better than that.  Last, but not least, I'll just come right out and say that I wear Oiselle clothing all the time, not just for running.  This morning I layered my Tripoli with my Girls In the hoodie (another key winter essential) and a pair of black leggings to drop my girls off at school.  It's the perfect outfit in my book.  This piece of #flystyle has been tested and approved.  As far as I'm concerned, the Tripoli gets two thumbs way up.

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  1. Gratitude for the product review. I am so pleased to find these details here. Keep sharing such stuff. I also need to buy the Designer Leggings and would be buying the stuff online for the first time. I was just wondering if you can share any reviews about the top quality legging brands.

    1. Stick with Oiselle for leggings, too. Very high quality and tons of styles and colors. Can't recommend them highly enough.