Monday, October 2, 2017


"The idea that..."  Mr. Murray trailed off as he paused to collect his thoughts 
"The idea that we just have to try again.  We just have to try again.  
It's such a beautiful, powerful idea."
~ Bill Murray

Mohawk Hudson - 3:04:05
Los Angeles - 3:05:29
Wineglass - DNS
Philadelphia - 3:08:29
Sugarloaf - 3:00:16
Mohawk Hudson - TBD

Two years ago, I lined up in Albany, NY for my 13th marathon.  Everything changed after that race.  And yet, at the same time, a lot has stayed the same.  It changed because I saw something new in myself and in my ability as a runner.  Just a little flash; a small dose of "what if".  It stayed the same because my drive to keep going along with my desire to be better; those have never wavered.  This Sunday, I will try again.  I will run my 18th marathon.  I will try to hit my goal, to break 3 hours, for the 5th time.  Why?  Because there is something in me that craves the challenge.  Because years ago I told myself I couldn't do it and at that moment, I believed it.  Because each time I've gotten closer to making it happen, I've proved myself wrong.  Because I want, no, I need to show myself and anyone else who is interested or who might feel the same way that I did, that there are no limits and that there is always a way.  And because, no matter how hard it is, no matter how many times I want to quit, no matter how much I want to curse this crazy sport, I still f***ing love it.  Because, in the end, regardless of the outcome, trying again is such an incredibly beautiful and unbelievably powerful idea.

Listen to this:
Feed the Beast - ARIZONA


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