Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Live Music

Every once in a while I need some inspiration for both music and running.  There's no better place to find this than at a live performance by one of the bands that you love.  If it's possible, seek out a show by a band in your running playlist that you are particularly fond of.  I tend to prefer a smaller venue where I can get up close to the stage and dance around with others who are much younger than me but don't seem to notice.  I guarantee you will hit the road the next day with a skip in your step, undoubtedly listening to some, if not all of the songs you heard the night before.  Thank you, Fruit Bats.

Listen to this: 
Wacs (for your run) Tripper - Fruit Bats
You're Too Weird (because it's just so good)Tripper - Fruit Bats

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  1. Recorded live music is also great to listen as the often higher energy levels (over their studio versions) can help in the workout. Frequently longer than the studio versions as well, they can sometimes get you into the same groove the musicians pulled the audience into at the live show....