Monday, July 16, 2012

The Sign

I am not a patient person.  It's one of my worst flaws.  It's something I've been working on all my life, and particularly now that I have children.  But, it's a constant battle.  It's now been three weeks since I fell off a chair and bruised my ribs.  For two long weeks I waited (impatiently, I'll admit) for the pain to subside so I could run again.  Last week I got back out on the road, probably sooner than I should have, but I'm impatient.  It was no surprise that I wouldn't be able to start right out of the gate and feel as good as I did before the fall, though I secretly hoped that might be the case.  The first few runs were slow and uncomfortable.  I was still sore and my legs were getting used to running again after the time off.  It was extremely frustrating and there was nothing I could do about it.  I just had to be patient.  Before I fell, I had been successfully following a training plan created by a coach who was helping me break a specific time for a 5K in August.  When I checked in with him last week he suggested I start over and re-set my goal and race date rather than pick up where I left off.  He knew I was frustrated but the bottom line, he explained, was that I needed to take my time, do it right and, yes, be patient.  It's now the start of week four and I'm still fighting my way back to a normal routine.  Today, I happened to be walking my dog, head down, music on, annoyed about my physical situation, when she stopped abruptly to smell something. I looked up and noticed something dangling right in front of my face (see pic).  I smiled and said out loud to myself and anyone else who was listening, "ok, I get it.  Thanks for the sign."

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  1. Also I am not too, People think that when you get older you will gain little by little but I haven't change.