Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Battle

As I've previously mentioned, hills and I, well, we don't tend to get along.  My running teammate and I have been battling them out together for over two years.  I can not deny the fact that before I met her, I rarely tackled them unless it was absolutely necessary.  I have learned, however, that if one is planning to run the Boston marathon, or any hilly race for that matter, it is definitely good to get some hills in during training so as not to go into shell shock when they hit.  Through the years, I've started calling them "the beasts".  "How many beasts are in our workout today?", I often ask my teammate.  Our team name happens to be TEAM BACON, named after Bacon Street in Winchester, a very slight but long and steady incline that we tend to finish our runs with because we don't have a choice.  Such a sneaky little beast it is.  Today, my trusty teammate happened to be on vacation and I had to tackle a nasty hill workout on my own.  I had told her I was dreading it and she reminded me that it is those situations where we don't always have what we need that tend to make us stronger.  Ok, ok, I get it.  This morning I set off wearing full armor.  My watch, because despite how slow my pace is going up the hills, it's always fun to see my pace as I'm flying down as it helps to boost my confidence.  My new 'running' sunglasses; which I recently purchased because I read that it's good to wear them when it's bright out so that you're not squinting which helps your face to relax and, as a result, the rest of your body.  At this point in my life, I'll try anything if it's going to help me relax while I'm running.  And my iPod, which was acting as my much needed teammate.  I was ready for battle.  And today, I actually won -  I fought those beasts head on and I took them down.  And when it was over, I celebrated my victory, as winners like to do, with an enormous coffee that cost more than a new pair of shoes.  These battles, they are worth fighting as they do make us stronger.  Onward!

Listen to this:
Burn It Down - AWOLNATION* Burn It Down - Megalithic Symphony
Osaka Loop Line - Discovery** Osaka Loop Line - LP (Bonus Track Version)

*Heads up: there is some inappropriate language in this song.  But, man, did it get me up those hills!
**This one has a steady build, much like the hills.  Ideal for the long ones.

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