Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Runner's Story

My sister-in-law, the same one who hasn't updated her playlist in over a year (eh, hmm), lives in NYC and runs in Central Park.  When shes training for a marathon, which she does often, she runs two and sometimes three grueling laps around the same six mile loop.  As much as she loves running, she tends to dread the long runs.  Music and NPR help her pass the miles, but there is only so much a iPod can do.  Yesterday, she'd run six miles and she was getting ready for her second lap when she stopped at a light to wait for it to turn.  Another waiting runner looked at her and said, "sorry I almost spit on you back there".  They both laughed and started talking.  After the initial pleasantries, they started to dive into other topics, one being the forefoot running style the he'd recently switched to.  He then mentioned he was meeting a friend but asked her if she'd like to join them for her second loop.  She was quick to say yes and happily put her iPod away.  Time flew while the three of them were running, chatting, and comparing stories and in what felt like no time, they'd finished their lap.  They said their goodbyes and all agreed to try and find each other again soon for another run.  My sister-in-law called to tell me about this run for several reasons; first, she was psyched she'd done a 12 miler, second, it wasn't boring for a change and third, she'd met some cool people that shared her interest in running.  Oh, and as a bonus, she'd learned a different route through the park.  Running, even for the most passionate runners, can be hard to mentally take on some days.  Stories like this remind us why we do it, and that most runners have a lot in common, including their love for the sport and an appreciation for the little things that make it worthwhile.

Listen to this:
Can't Keep Time - Foreign Born  Can't Keep Time - Person to Person (Bonus Track Version)


  1. Running with someone CANNOT be underestimated. I found a friend that runs with me - not only does she run with me, she runs the same speed and distance as me. Whenever we can swing it - away we go cruising the streets of our local neighborhoods. We pay babysitters to watch our combined 5 kids, we leave our half sleeping husbands early weekend mornings, we beg grandparents, friends whoever to let us go. We love it!!! It has been one of the greatest gifts having this friend run with me. Running is what first brought us together over 10 years ago. We were linked other ways, but it was a "true connection" that brought us where we are today - BEST of FRIENDS. My kids adore her. She would do anything for them and me. She is my sanity on a rough day. She has talked me off the ledge (not really). She is like another sister.
    She may move to another state and I am already mourning our morning runs - catching up, brainstorming and helping each other plan and organize our lives. We will always have phones and texting etc to keep in touch and I know we will always be BEST of FRIENDS. But with the chance of her moving - I have cherished our runs more and been thankful we have them. I know we will run again here and there when we visit one another, but I will miss the 7 am text saying -"You up - I can meet you at 7:30."

  2. I found that same friend 2 years ago. We met through our 2 year olds. I thank my lucky stars every day that I have her!
    Thanks for sharing.