Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Four of us went out last night to see Graffiti6, the artist behind February's 'album of the month'.  Sadly, what we didn't realize was that when the tickets say the show starts at 7:00, and the band you want to see is the opening act, then you better be there right at 7:00 or you're gonna miss them.  To our dismay, we did not get to see Graffiti6 live.  We did, however, get the pleasure of hanging out, having a few beers, listening to a band we'd never heard of and enjoyed feeling like we were 22 again.  The bottom line, going to see live music is always a good time.  I'm not going to lie, I wish I'd gotten to see Graffiti6, but I did get to gig out on a Tuesday night with some good friends, which never happens, so I'm over it.
I do want to share this album with you as it is one of my favorites and was just recently launched on iTunes.  The songs have an alt/pop vibe with some funky undertones.  The lead singer's voice is almost spooky as it sounds slightly far away, yet it still manages to grab hold and sink in deeper with each song.  Most of the tracks are upbeat with a rhythm that tends to get my feet tapping and head bopping (yes, dorky) without my realizing it...perfect for running or anything I'm doing that requires energy.  This one is worth your time.  Enjoy.

Listen to these: 
Graffiti6 - Colours
Never Look Back   Never Look Back - Colours 
Stone In My Heart   Stone In My Heart - Colours
Annie You Save Me  Annie You Save Me - Colours

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