Monday, February 20, 2012


Top 5 Reason to Wear Sunglasses When You Run

5. When it's cold out, the extra shield on your face, though slight, can make a huge difference.  This morning in Franconia, NH it was 8 degrees and even though my chin was numb, my eyes felt pretty good.
4. If you happen to be running on dirt roads and, as in my case, sharing these small roads with trucks and snow plows, they help keep dust and other small particles like can tabs from flying into your eyes.
3. If you are running a new route as I was today, they help to hide your frustration when you have no idea where you are and then your anger when you realize you've gone a mile downhill in the wrong direction.
2. They keep you from having to squint which helps to relax your face and, in theory, the rest of your body.  The jury is still out on this one.
1. They make you feel like a total bad ass regardless of how fast you are running or how far you go.

Personally, I think number one, alone, makes it worth wearing them.  You be the judge.

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