Monday, March 26, 2012


Yesterday, I was waiting for a coffee at Wendell's in Franconica, NH (have to give a shout out to this place) and I happened to looked up and see the following quote written in chalk on the ceiling, "Life without passion is unforgivable."  Wow, I thought, I need to remember this one.  I smiled as the woman handed my my drink...I'm definitely passionate about coffee.  Ok, borderline obsessed but that's passion in a way, right?  Seriously though, this quote made me pause to think about how unbelievably lucky I am to have not one, but several things that I am passionate about.  As I drove home, I started a list in my head - I'm incredibly passionate about my family and friends.  I'm also passionate about running, coaching, skiing, and music.  There were more but you get the drift.  I then realized how amazing it is that I can carry out all of these activities, in some way, shape or form with my family and friends.  For example, I can run with my teammate, who happens to be one of my best friends, I can run with the fabulous girls that I coach and I can run with my own girls any time.  I can ski with my family and friends and I can go see music with anyone who might want to join me - family, friends, friends of friends.   And so on.  This exercise put me in such an incredibly good mood and as I pulled into our driveway I sat and just took a moment to myself.  How sad, I thought, for anyone who can't drum up a little passion for someone or something that they love.  Moving forward, I decided, I need to remind myself not only of these passions, but why I have them.  Yes, life without passion is truly unforgivable.

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