Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Today's Pick Me Up (A Top 10 List)

Typically, those who decide to tackle a marathon start their training about four months before the race.  The first month or so tends to be base building and the excitement about the end goal is usually high at this point.  In the second month, it's common to ramp up both the mileage and the intensity of the workouts.  This might be when someone who was on the fence about the whole thing either bows out or commits themselves fully to the challenge.  By the third month, both the most critical and arduous in most training plans, some runners, particularly those of us who are not used to running at this level, start to break down a bit.  Aches and pains tend to surface.  Exhaustion sets in.  And often times, as is in my case, a runner might begin to get frustrated and doubt his or her abilities.  By month four, the taper begins and most start to feel fresher and more rested within days.  During month three, however, many of us might not be thinking about this relief as we're simply wondering how we are going to make it to the starting line.  Currently, my teammate and I are in our third month of training and the mental/physical breakdown has started to hit.  Today, as I was running, I needed something to pick me up.  Here's what I came up with.

Top 10 Things To Do WhenYou're Feeling Beaten Down By Your Training
1. Buy yourself some new running gear - shoes, shorts socks, whatever.  You'll need it anyway.
2. Read a motivational book or blog on running. There are so many out there.
3. Fill up your iPod (or any music listening device) with new songs.  This never fails to add a little kick.
4. Go see some live music.  I'm always fired up to run after I do this.
5. Go out to dinner and treat yourself to a burger, you're working your ass off, you deserve it.
6. Schedule a massage.  This one is a given.
7. Call someone who "gets it" and tell them you need a pep talk.
8. Power through it.  Not my personal choice, but I can see how it would work for some.
9. Take a much deserved and very needed day off.  You'll lose nothing and feel fresher the next day.
10. Do all of these things.


Listen to this:
I'm Not Me - White Rabbits  I'm Not Me - Milk Famous

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