Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Up Up And Away

This morning my seven year old came downstairs with a big smile on her face.  Our short conversation made me realize how unbelievably lucky I am; as a mother, as a runner, and as someone who gets to be both at the same time.

R: Hey mom, yesterday I ran for 8 minutes straight during P.E.
Me: You, did?  That is awesome.
R: Well, I did have to take two short breaks to catch my breath, but otherwise I did the whole thing.
Me:  Eight minutes is a long time.  You should be really proud of yourself.  Where did you do the run?
R: Oh, our class did it together in the gym.
Me: What fun. How did it make you feel?
R: I felt like I was flying; like a superhero.
Me: Ah. I know exactly what you mean.

And then off we flew.

Listen to these:
Superman - R.E.M.  Superman - Lifes Rich Pageant
Powerman - The Kinks  Powerman - The Darjeeling Limited (Original Soundtrack)
I Was Zapped By the Lucky Super Rainbow - Flaming Lips  I Was Zapped By the Lucky Super Rainbow - I Was Zapped By the Lucky Super Rainbow - Single

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