Monday, June 25, 2012

A Vacation

Yesterday I fell off a chair and bruised my ribs.  Without getting into too much detail, the chair folded and I flopped over the top of it like a Raggedy Ann doll before landing on the floor.  It wasn't graceful.  Today on my way to the doctor I stared longingly at all the runners we passed on the road while also wincing with each step they took and noting how painful running would be if I tried to go.  It's ok. I'm not totally freaking out here.  It's only been two days since I last ran and I can probably manage a few more before I start to lose it.  That said, I have been in a great rhythm lately with my training and was definitely on a high note before I fell.  So I was both disappointed and annoyed about missing my long run today.  Such is life.  Fortunately, there were no fractures which was a huge relief.  Upon leaving the ER, the doctor looked at me with a furrowed brow and asked, "aren't you on vacation?"  I thought to myself; well, I'm visiting with family, my kids are going to camp on a farm, the beach is down the street and it's summer so technically, yes, I'm on vacation.  But, from running, not really.  All I could come up with was, "kind of".  He was wearing Sauconys with his scrubs.  He got it.  "Look" he told me, "this is going to take time which you happen to have at the moment.  I wish I had something else to tell you, but that's it.  Go get a book and take a vacation."  Then he handed me a list of pre-printed info about my injury and my discharge instructions.  Here's what it said:

RIB CONTUSION: The muscles between your rubs are bruised.  This can be quite painful.

Follow these instructions:
1. Rest
2. Do not do any activities that hurt your ribs.
3. Avoid sudden movements.
4. Ice the affected area for 24 hours.
5. Take your pain medicine as prescribed.
6. Breath regularly (I'm not kidding, it said this).
and finally, in his own words he wrote,
7. Take a vacation from running.

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  1. Sorry to hear Rebecca! Our little vacation has not been the greatest with both boys sick! Thx for hooking up Rob on Sun. Hope you're able to get back out there soon! - leslie

    1. What a bummer for you guys! Hope they are feeling better.