Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Headphones: PLEASE HELP

For the love of Pete, will someone please tell me the best headphones to use for running?  I have tried every kind out there and I'm still seeking the perfect fit.  Let me break it down for you:

Pair 1: Califone kids tiger Headphones  These are my 5 year old's.  I have a very small head so they fit me perfectly.  But, I feel a little weird wearing them on the street and she doesn't like to share them.

Pair 2: JVC Gumy Headphones  I've had the most success with these.  They fit nicely into my ears and the gummyness helps hold them in.  BUT, if I get sweaty, they tend to fall out, often from only one ear, which is extremely frustrating.  They also tend to lose their sound quality over time.  That said, they are under $10 so I can justify buying a few pairs.

Pair 3: JVC Inner Ear Sports Clip Headphones  I really wanted these to work and they probably would for most people.  My ears are so small, though, that the ear hooks don't wrap around completely so the whole piece tends to flop to the side.  I didn't even try running with these despite the fact that I purchased them.  Anyone want them?

Pair 4: Sony Noise Canceling Headphones  These are a sure bet.  Awesome sound.  Great fit.  But, unless I'm Fergie (and I'm not) I'm going to look like a total idiot running with these.  Enough said.

Pair 5: Apple iPod Headphones (Standard issue)  These have great sound quality but don't stay in very well.  I have been known to tape them to one of my daughter's headbands for back-up but the whole tape in the hair thing is a disaster.

Pair 6:  Sony circ. 1985.  Yes, I still have them.  The felt comes off the ear piece easily BUT at least they stay on my head.  The bigger problem is that the sound quality is very poor and the volume doesn't get high enough.

So, I am at a total loss here and I'm desperate.  I have spent a small fortune trying to find the best pair.  My search continues but, please, if you have a pair you love, share them with the rest of us ASAP.  If the price is within reason, I'll buy us both a pair.  Well, let me think about that.  But, seriously, PLEASE HELP!

Listen to this: *
Asunder - Fang Island  Asunder - Major

* One of the best album reviews I've seen in a long time by Carter Fritz on iTunes: This album was so good I spontaneously high-fived myself throughout it.


  1. I struggle as well but have had good luck with the ear-hooking ones.

  2. i use skullcandy ink'd headphones...they're not too pricy so i like them

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