Thursday, October 18, 2012

Embrace the Taper

As I was driving my girls to school today all I could think about was what a perfect morning it was for a long, easy run.  It was a crisp 47 degrees, the sun was shining, there was no wind and the trees were bursting with color (cheesy, I know, but they were).  Alas, there would be no long run for me today.  I have been training for a half marathon since August; working diligently with a coach for the first time since college, putting in more miles that I have in years and this is my much-earned week to taper.  My running partner alway says "don't f*@k with the taper."  And she's right.  A taper is designed to give the legs and body a solid break before a race.  If I had gone ahead and run today, I'd have been screwing myself and all the hard work I've done would be for nothing.  I'm tired.  I should be tired.  I need this taper to rejuvenate my muscles.  Despite seeing other runners on the road cruising along on this picture perfect day, I need to stay home and stretch, get a massage, walk my dog, just rest.  I know this.  Most runners do.  But, what I also realized today is while the taper helps us physically, it helps even more so mentally.  I am craving a run today and probably will be tomorrow.  I am eager to be out there with the other runners on the road.  I am hungry to move my legs.  By holding back, I'm feeding this urge to run.  On Sunday, I know I will most likely be chomping at the bit, ready to go, and when the gun blows, my mind will be two steps ahead since it's been wanting this for days.  How cool is that?  So, yes, I will indeed, embrace the taper.  Hmm.  I have some extra time now. Coffee anyone?

Listen to this: (if you're tapering, you should have PLENTY of time)
Heavy Mood - Tilly & The Wall   Heavy Mood - Heavy Mood



  1. Today WAS a tough day to be in a taper, so nice job resisting the temptation!