Monday, October 1, 2012

OCTOBER & Winner of the RWM T-Shirt

I have a love/hate relationship with October.  I love how the summer travel comes to an end and I get to have more time hanging at home with my family and friends.  I love the excitement that builds each day for my kids as they countdown to Halloween.  I love running and racing in October as I tend to feel faster in the cooler weather.  But there are some things I struggle with, too.  I don't love the fact that my daughters want to wear their Halloween costumes (Spider-girl and a purple Monster this year) all the time and everywhere including out to lunch with my in-laws and to church.  I don't love the amount of candy that comes out and always seems to be available as neither I, nor my girls can resist it.  I'm not wild about the fact that it starts to get darker so much earlier.  But change is good.  And when it comes down to it, October marks the start of something new; a series of special events and holidays that my family, in particular, tends to get totally fired up about.  So, I'm going to brace myself for the chaos, accept the high sugar content and hopefully ride it out gracefully or, at the very least, pretend to.  Happy October, everyone.

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October Song of the Month
Jackinabox - Turin Brakes   Jackinabox - Jackinabox


Congratulations to "Yo Mama Runs", the winner of our RWM t-shirt giveaway.  Please send your address to so we can send you your new shirt.  Thanks for celebrating with us and being part of the RWM community.  

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  1. Thanks! And I agree that the candy overload at Halloween is way too much. I feel sick just thinking about how much candy I will inevitably steal from my kids.