Sunday, October 28, 2012

That's Why

This isn't me.  But it's how I felt last Sunday.
A week ago, Sunday, I ran the Green Stride half marathon.  I PR'd.  I was over the moon.  It was one of the best races I've run in my entire 25+ years of running.  I couldn't stop thinking about it for days (clearly I still am).  I went over the details several times in my head because at times I couldn't believe it really happened.  I am not an elite runner.  I never will be.  But last Sunday, I felt like one.  For a brief moment, I felt like I had done something beyond the norm in the running world.  Grand scheme of things....not really.  But, who the hell cares?  There are days (many) when I ask myself why I keep pushing myself.  Why do I continue to put in all those miles every week when it often feels like I'm simply wearing myself out?  Why do I keep doing the track workouts when I'm never going to toe the line as a top runner?  Why?  All it took was one good race.  One banner day.  My question was answered.  As runners, or really, as anyone who works to be better at something, we tend to surprise ourselves on a daily basis.  We push ourselves all the time.  Then we push a little more.  We put the hours in to do whatever it is we are trying to "do".  After last week's race, I can honestly look my girls in the face and say "if you do the work, and you want it, it can be done."  I am empowered by knowing this and I hope it empowers them, too.  At age 37, I get it now.  Because I want it.  That's why.

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