Friday, October 5, 2012

The Rebel Light: A Review

This past Thursday morning I took some time to listen to a new cut from indie band The Rebel Light.  The song is called 'Goodbye Serenade' and is one of the tracks on their new EP to be released in a few weeks.  Alan Steil, one of the bands three members, describes it as "inspirational trip down memory lane."  The song has a strong, steady cadence that immediately pulled me in and held me there throughout its entirety.  The lyrics took me on a ride of sorts and my mind wandered in several different directions as I attempted to piece it together.  It was quite a moving adventure.  The video highlights this inspirational notion with various clips of events from around the world that are sown together to show how truly amazing this place can be.  Alan writes "I hope that it helps inspire people to have a better day!"  It did for me and, without question, it will for so many others.  The song is a gem and the video beautifully strengthens its meaning.  I found myself watching and listening to both several times, each time with a slightly new interpretation.  What a fantastic way to start my day.  Like so many up and coming bands, The Rebel Light needed to keep costs down to make this EP and therefore recorded and mixed it themselves; recording their vocals in the bathroom and the drums in a wood shed.  Talk about passion and drive.  I can't wait to hear what else these guys have for us.  Take a minute to listen, watch and be inspired.  Enjoy.


  1. Great song! Thanks for sharing -- and I got the shirt in the mail today. Love the colors. They're my favorite!