Monday, December 3, 2012

December - A Top 10 List

Happy December everyone.  Such a fun month.  My daughter, Rosie, and I are writing this one together.  We'll get right to the point.  Here are the top 10 reasons why we love the month of December.  Enjoy!

Top 10 Reasons Why Rosie and I love the Month of December
(~ with my comments underneath)

1. It usually snows. (Rosie)
~ I, too, love the snow... for skiing.  As a runner, not so much.

2. It's Christmas time. (Rosie and Mom)
~ We both love this holiday!

3. We get to celebrate my birthday. (Rosie)
~ Her official birthday is in November.  But the actual party is usually in December.  This tends to draw the celebration out for at least a week or more.  She loves this.  I do too...really.

4. I get to dress up in costume and run the Winter Classic 5K with friends. (Mom)
~ Still working on my candy cane look.  Anyone know where I can get red and white striped knee socks?

5. We get to see our cousins from NYC. (Rosie)
~ SO much fun for them.  TOTAL chaos for us.  But, it's all good.

6. I get to go see AWOLNATION at the House of Blues in Boston. (Mom)
~ Rosie is asking if she can come with me.  Think she'd like to crowd surf?

7. We get a nice long break from school. (Rosie)
~ As a mom, I love this.  As a runner, not so much.

8. Two words...Christmas music. (Rosie & Mom)
~ She loves the classics like Christmas Song by Alvin and the Chipmunks.  I like seeing which current bands break out in holiday cheer.  (See December "Music of the Month" above).

9. Grace and I have our ballet recitals. (Rosie)
~ This year, Rosie and Grace are dancing in two separate shows.  Rosie is thrilled that she'll get to see Grace.  My husband and I are THRILLED that we get to go to both shows.

10. Blow Ups!!! (Rosie & Mom)
~ We both love them!  Everything about them.  Their size, their ridiculousness and their awesomeness.  We always try and find as many as possible.  The below Santa is a first for us!

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Listen to this:
Holidays Rule - Various Artists  Holidays Rule - Various Artists
~ includes some RWM favorites such as the Shins, Heartless Bastards, Fruit Bats & Calexico

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