Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My 'Wednesday Morning' Soundtrack

A few months ago, I was waiting for a race to start and I overheard someone say, "don't you sometimes feel like we all have a soundtrack to our lives?"  Every freakin' day, I thought to myself.  I made a mental note to give this concept more thought but after the race I forgot all about it.  Until this morning.  The mornings in our household are always a bit nuts.  I have one child who hates getting out of bed, wishes she could live in her pjs and doesn't particularly enjoy going to school.  And I have another who will jump right out of bed, maybe even start to get changed but then see something she hasn't played with for a while and completely forget the fact that she has to get ready for school.  As I ran today, I thought about my morning.  As each new song came on, I thought about whether or not I would put it on the soundtrack to my life.  Then, I decided a soundtrack to my entire life would take way too long so I kept it simple and created a soundtrack to go along with my morning.  Here's how it all came together.

Me: Girls, time to WAKE UP, it's 7:30.  LET'S GO!
Grace: Mom, do we have school today?
Me: Yes, Grace, it's Wednesday.  Please don't get HYSTERICAL.  You have to go to school.  It's the law. (And I need to RUN, I thought, but didn't say out loud)
I head downstairs to make lunch and after about 15 minutes I don't hear anything from upstairs.  Back upstairs I go. 
Me: Why is no one out of bed yet?  Come on...UP, UP, UP.  We need to move.  We're going to be late.
Grace: But, I don't want to go to school.
Me: (sigh) I know, Grace.  But you can't HANG WITH ME every day. That's just not how it works.  Now please, HELP, me for a change and get yourself dressed while I get us ready to go.
I poke my head in Rosie's room.  She's deep into an American girl doll game.  Stuff is everywhere.  She's wearing jeans and her pajama shirt.  And she has no idea I'm standing there.
Me: Rosie, you need to get ready.   And please clean all that stuff up so I see your carpet.
Rosie: Can you just do it, mom?
Me: No, Rosie.  I'm not HOUDINI (though I often wish I was).  I can't make this mess disappear and make your lunch at the same time.  Do your best and then hurry down.  Please make sure to turn your LIGHTS OUT on the way.
If we make it to school on time today it will be a MIRACLE, I think to myself.  I hear feet shuffling and furniture being moved around, something big and heavy falling, like a chair and then some screaming.  SWEET DOGS...what now?
Me: Girls, can you please SETTLE DOWN!!! Come downstairs and eat some breakfast.  We have 10 minutes until we have to GO.
All of us pile into the car and my fingers are crossed that we have everything.
Rosie: HOLD ON, mom.  I forgot my backpack.
Wow, I am really looking forward to this upcoming HOLIDAY.  I could use a break from all this chaos.  Until's TIME TO RUN!
And then I was off.....

Listen to this: 

RWM 'Wednesday Morning' Soundtrack
Wake Up - AWOLNATION Wake Up - Megalithic Symphony
Let's Go - Matt & Kim  Let's Go - Lightning
Hysterical - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah  Hysterical - Hysterical
Run - Vampire Weekend   Run - Contra (Bonus Track Version)
Up, Up, Up - Givers  Up Up Up - In Light
Hang With Me - Robyn Hang With Me - Body Talk, Pt. 2
Help! - The Beatles Help! - 1
Houdini - Foster the People Houdini - Torches
Lights Out - Santigold  Lights Out - Santigold
Miracle - Cascada Miracle - Everytime We Touch
Sweet Dogs - Trolle//Siebenhaar  Sweet Dogs - Couple Therapy
Settle Down - No Doubt Settle Down - Push and Shove
GO! (feat. Karen Oh) - Santigold  GO! (feat. Karen O) - Master of My Make-Believe (Deluxe Version)
Hold On (sub-focus remix)-  Rusko  Hold On (Sub Focus Remix) - Hold On (Remixes) - EP
Holiday - Vampire Week-end  Holiday - Contra (Bonus Track Version)
Time to Run - Lord Huron  Time to Run - Lonesome Dreams

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