Monday, December 10, 2012

You Are What You Wear

Most mornings the first thing I put on when I get dressed is my running clothes.  During the school year, when I drop my girls off I'm usually wearing tights - long or short - and some kind of running top.  In the summer, when I'm waiting for the camp bus with them, I'm typically in a tank and shorts.  I used to feel a little self conscious about my get-ups.  I don't anymore.  Most days, I run.  Yes, there are times when it doesn't pan out.  On occasion, one of my kids will be sick or a friend might need a favor or I could get pulled into an unexpected meeting at school.  Life happens.  I can't always get the run in.  And when this is the case, I'll eventually go home and change into "normal" clothes.  But, this doesn't happen often.  I am incredibly passionate about running.  When I put my running clothes on, it sets the tone for my day.  I might feel tired or have little desire to hit the road first thing in the morning, but by the time I'm sporting my running duds, my mindset tends to shift.  Then, when I can actually head out, I'm usually pretty fired up.
Do you think I have a problem?
This week-end, my family went up to Franconia, NH for our first ski week-end of the season.  On Saturday morning, I had to work, but my husband had planned to take my girls over to Cannon for a few runs.  There was one lift open and very little snow, so it was literally a very few runs (maybe three).  Nonetheless, my eight year old, who lives to ski, was totally fired up.  She woke up at 7:00am, came downstairs and put on some of her ski clothes.  She ate breakfast in her long underwear and ski boots.  About an hour later as I was leaving, I noticed that she was doing some arts and crafts, waiting patiently for her sister to wake up, in full ski gear including her neck warmer, helmet and goggles.  This is a girl who rarely has enough time to brush her hair and is usually forgetting her socks in the morning during the school week.  And yet, when she's getting ready to ski, it all comes together perfectly.  In the end, she had to wait TWO HOURS for Grace to wake up and she stayed in full ski gear the entire time.  My daughter is incredibly passionate about skiing.  When she puts on her clothes, she is ready to go.  Not once did I question her actions Saturday morning.  It made total sense.
Duct tape? Check. Scissors? Check. Ski boots? Check.

Bottom are what you wear.  Or, perhaps you wear what you are.  Either way, it works.  

Listen to this:
Strange - Built to Spill  Strange - Ancient Melodies of the Future 
Lyrics: "And it's strange, but not all that strange."

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