Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Over and Over and Over

I think I can.
I think I can.
I think I can.
I do love running.
I do love running.
I do love running.
Monday night I ran 16 miles on the treadmill.  I can't sugar coat this one, it was really, REALLY, hard. A long run on the treadmill was not my original plan for this week. I'm not a fan of running inside, particularly for over 2 hours.  But I wasn't able to get out for a run that morning because my girls didn't have school and I was worried there might be an issue getting out on Tuesday due to the incoming snow storm (that never happened).  So, I felt like I didn't have much of a choice.  With a little help from a fellow runner/coach/friend, I went from dreading said long run on the treadmill to getting (relatively) psyched up for it and then to reminding myself why I continue to run day in and day out - rain, snow, freezing temps, extreme heat, humidity and all.  This was our conversation (via text):

Coach Ladd: Managed to get in 20 miles today, good but slow, good luck w/ yours.
Rebecca Trax: Thx. I'll need it.  Supposed to be colder tomorrow.  :(
CL: Today wasn't too bad.  But snow tmrw.
RT: Ugh. Not sure I can handle another workout on the treadmill.
CL: Partial - break it up? Indoor track for part?
**It was at this point in the conversation that the seed was planted in my head to just go get it done that night on the treadmill.  Something I hadn't considered doing for a long run.  Ever.
RT: Think I might just go bang it out tonight at the Y.  And remind me not to do a winter marathon again.
CL: Will ask you again if you do a October marathon and its 90 degrees in August for training.
RT: Ha. Ha.  Ok. I will continue to remind myself why I LOVE running in this stuff. Over and over and over.
CL: You'll have 18 miles to do that tmrw.
RT: That should be just enough time.

And by the time I headed out at 4:30 that night, I was fired up to run.  For 2 hours.  Inside.  On the treadmill.  Really.  I was.  Sort of.  Ok, it does sound like I'm fibbing a bit, but in a very bizarre way, I truly was amped up to face the challenge. As I hopped on and started cruising along, I thought back on my conversation with Coach Ladd and began to list all of the reasons why I love running and continue to do it day after day, year after year.  I'm not going to lie, I thought about a lot of other things to.  And toward the end of the run I was fighting off some dark, not very positive, running thoughts.  But, for the most part, I took those hours to think of all the good stuff.  Here's what I came up with:

Top 10 Reasons Why I Continue to Run OVER and OVER and OVER again:
1. Because it makes me feel strong and powerful, and sometimes like a superhero.
2. Because I can zone out and let go mentally, one of the few times I can truly do this.
3. Because I love the peaceful rhythm my feet and breathing create.  It's incredibly mesmerizing.
4. Because I love the unbelievable feeling of satisfication that flows over me when I'm done.
5. Because I like knowing that when I toe the line at a race, I've legitimately put the time and effort in to get there.
6. Because I love the physical and emotional journey of a four month marathon training plan, often more than the final destination of the race itself.
7. Because I love the way it makes me want to push myself to the next level as a runner.
8. Because I love thinking about, talking about and writing about running with others who also love thinking about, talking about and writing about running.
9. Because I hear, experience and often appreciate music in a different way when I run with it.
10. Because every single run offers something new and exciting, physically and mentally, and that alone makes it worth doing it over and over and over again any time of the year.

Today is Wednesday, January 23rd.  I have to run 10 x 800 meter repeats at race pace.  It's currently 11 degrees outside.  The outdoor track is covered in snow.  I will be doing this workout, once again, on the treadmill.  Bring it on!

Listen to this:

All Fall Down - Five Knives 
*A band recently signed by Red Bull Records.  I can't wait to hear more from them.


  1. 16 miles on a treadmill sounds tough! Love your reasons to keep running though - I'm hitting the tm tonight and will have to keep these in mind :)

  2. You really have been rocking that treadmill! I love your list of reasons, a lot of them really apply to me and my skating, too. Especially #2. And #5. #6, just substituting competition or test for marathon. Right now I'm working toward adult Nationals in April, it will be my first trip there. #7-10, yes. Like I said, great list!