Friday, February 15, 2013

Thank You

The theme for an art exhibit at the Arlington Center for the Arts - 
perfectly sums up the marathon experience for me.
Next week, barring any treacherous weather situations, I'm running my 6th marathon.  Every marathon I've done has been a totally different experience, from the training all the way through to the race itself.  This time around, my experience has felt more like a team effort than a solo mission.  Perhaps it's because I've been coaching high school cross country and track to an energetic group of girls who love running.  Or, it might be because I'm blogging about running on a regular basis.  Or maybe it's because my network of fellow runners has grown exponentially since I started running marathons six years ago.  Regardless of the reason, this particular journey has been different and in some ways, more fulfilling.  I have felt incredibly supported by a variety of people including my family, friends, and coaches as well as by some specific companies, their products and the people behind them.  Before I even get to the finish line, I feel like I need to throw out some words of gratitude to a lot of these people for all they have done for me and/or given me over the past four months.  This marathon's, well, it's a beast.  And there are only a few people out there who both understand why we take them on and can appreciate what they do for us.  To all of you out there who rode this crazy wave with me, thanks.  What an 'marvelous journey' and 'unexpected adventure' it's been.  Cheers to the next one; wherever that may be.  Feel free to come along.


~ To my husband, for his unconditional support and understanding of my crazy running habits.

~ To KH (aka Team Bacon) - for running with me, talking about running with me, bitching about running with me, being an amazing running partner and and being an incredible friend.

KH & I after the Providence Marathon last May.
We were most likely planning our next one in our
 heads while this pic was being taken.
~ To Oiselle, for including me as a member of such an amazing group of women who share my passion for the sport.  And for helping me keep my running wardrobe fresh and ridiculously stylish.

~ To Coach Ladd for providing advice, support and humor and helping to keep my feelings of doubt and worry at bay.

~ To Greater Boston Running Co. in Lexington for providing great running gear, emotional support, good humor, a fun place to hang out and most importantly my PR shoes (fingers crossed).

PR Shoes - John hasn't
let me down yet!
~ To John Lui - for running with me.  I know it hasn't happened yet, but I might as well thank him now.  And if for some reason he isn't able to make it, then for being with me in spirit bc I know he will.

They all hugged us after
this 20 miler.
~ To Patty and her team at the Winchester Starbucks for supporting my insane coffee drinking habit.

~ To dailymile, for keeping track of the 450 miles I've run over the past 4 months and linking me up with other runners who are doing the same thing.

~ To Trampas and Pedro at New Balance for aiding me with the transformation of my running form which has helped me become a more efficient runner and most likely kept me injury-free (knock on wood).

~ To Apple's iTunes for supporting my music exploring, sharing and purchasing habits.

~ To my daughters, Rosie & Grace, for both understanding & not giving me a hard time when I have to run instead of skiing/playing/hanging etc. with them.
This is a cute shot but if you ask them, they'll   
tell you that watching the race is boring, "especially

the long ones".  They are REALLY good sports.
~ To Pediatric Dental Associates of Winchester for letting me use their bathroom on my long runs.

~ To Coach Greg McMillan for creating a plan specific to me and my goals that was both challenging and incredibly rewarding.

~ To my friends, family and all the RWM readers who listen and respond to my stories, complaints and issues without questioning why I continue to put myself through it over and over again.

~ To my legs and feet for carrying me and my head for helping me keep it all together (sort of).

Regardless of the outcome of this race, thanks to all of you for being who you are and doing what you do.


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  1. Best of luck next week, I hope you feel the support of your running tribe all through the race.

    1. Thx, Mary! I know I will be. At this point, I'm just praying to the weather gods. I guess they are kind of part of the tribe, too. :)