Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A LOT (continued)


Turns out I'm not the only one who has a slightly ridiculous amount of running shoes and/or attire. After recently admitting to my shoe problem (click to read post), I happily took comfort in learning that many other runners both understand my problem and struggle with a similar issue.  Thanks to them, I no longer feel too bad about my shoe purchasing habits, which, it turns out, is pretty tame compared to a few others out there (eh-hmm, Ms. Ritz).  Oddly, a lot of other people are blogging about their obsession with running attire and shoes at the moment or, I should say, sharing their running wardrobes with pride.  Go check out Pavement Runner's closet.  Looking at these pics makes me feel, not only like I have a much smaller collection than I thought I did, but also that I could use a few more pieces to freshen up my wardrobe.  Just a few. (insert eye roll from husband here)  Or check out all these duds from iheartrunning's closet.  Are you kidding me with this organization and color coordination...wait, Abercrombie & Fitch sells running shirts?  I digress.  The responses I got from my own post about my shoe collection and what it means to me are fantastic and worth sharing (my own comments in orange).  Yes, I'm a little nuts, but as WestCoastRunner115  replied, "live your life the way you want it."  I have a lot of shoes, dammit, and I want it that way!  

TOP 10 READER RESPONSES TO MY "A LOT" POST (though I loved them all)

1. I have been accused of too much Dri-Fit and Denim...I normally ignore the haters...Ha Ha Ha. Well, ignorance IS bliss, right?

2. Cool pic.  You should see how many different words you can spell with running shoes. - I did not do this but I thought about it.  Check out what Happy Fit Mama did with hers.

3. I'm thankful I don't have a shoe problem like so many other Loopsters (you!).  Fair enough.  But, I'm still ok with it.

4. I have a little bit of a shoe problem as well.  And I don't typically buy "regular" shoes either, although I do need them for work.  I fought an achilles problem for a while last year, so catching me in heels now is like seeing a unicorn in real life.  I can't add anything to make this one more awesome than it already is.

5. Well, if you don't have running shoes, what would you spend your time with and money on? We all understand... I think last time I counted I had over 200 pairs of running shoes. They're all my babies!  Ok, that's an insane amount of shoes, Ms. Ritz.  But, I'm not judging.  And, I have no idea what else I would spend my time and money on.  Thank goodness I don't have to think about it.

6. Trying to kick my habit. I have more shoes than a centipede has feet.  I wear running clothes all of the time too, sometimes even to really inappropriate places, like fine dining restaurants.  I, too, am guilty of this.  I often get some serious "looks", particularly from my own family members, when I do it.

7. They really are the comfiest type of shoes and pretty much go with everything.  Might as well stock up!  Exactly.  Comfort is key.  I will stock up, thank you.

8. Everybody needs a hobby. Right??

9. If I could wear running clothes 24/7 I would.  Yes! I would, too. Oh wait, I kind of already do that.

10. I loveeeee my running shoe collection. It may possibly be one of the things I'd grab in a fire. I spend the majority of my time in running/workout clothes - my closet has a severe lack of "fashion sense".  I'm trying though!  Keep trying, girl.  I'm right there with you.


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  1. Thank You for the mention. Do you keep the running shoes that are to old to run in too?

  2. If they have sentimental value I might. But, typically I donate them if they aren't in terrible shape. My local running store has a drop box for old shoes and they ship them off to organizations who give them to those in need.

    And you're welcome for the mention! I'm in awe of your organization!!