Friday, March 1, 2013

Why I Do the Things I Do


I am a runner.  But I do lots of other things.  As most of you know, I am also a mother.  My first priority is always my family, and specifically my children.  I am an aunt to five nieces and nephews (and a fun one, I like to think).  I am an avid music fan, a reader, a writer, a decent skier, an average tennis player and someone who's willing to try almost anything if it involves action and being outside.  I am NOT a good cook, gardener, or artist, among other things.  There is rarely any baking done in my house, much to my girls' dismay, and I can't keep a plant alive to save my life though I do try both once in a while.  I hope, by doing all these things, I am setting a good example for my kids - showing them my willingness to try, to push myself in new and different ways, to step out of my comfort zone and, once in a while, to fail.  Most of the things I do, or try to do, enable me to be the person that I am.  But the running stands alone.  I do it for me, yes.  But I do it for my husband, my kids and my friends, too.  This sounds strange, I know.  Let me elaborate.  I run to stay fit and healthy and because I enjoy the challenge, yada, yada (you already know all this).  More importantly, I do it to clear my brain and keep my head in the game as a mom.  Likewise, I do it because I can be a better wife and friend as I am more relaxed, able to listen and focus, and willing to help, once I've gotten it done.  None of this makes sense to my girls at this point.  When I cross the finish line at a marathon, my younger one always asks me if I won.  And then she always gives me the furrowed eyebrow when I tell her, "no, but that's not why I did it."  This always makes me smile when I walk away from a race, as I hope that eventually what I am doing will sink in - maybe not for a few years, but in time.  Today I am leaving for Georgia to run a marathon with my good friend and running partner.  The girls don't get it but they don't really care, either.  "Ok mom. Have fun. See you Monday," Rosie said when I told her.  I asked them to write me a note that I can take on the trip with me "for good luck".  My 8 year old rolled her eyes.  This is the note that my 6 year old gave me:

So, I guess I must be doing something right.  Thanks, Grace.


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  1. You are such an inspiration, Rebecca! I love this entry and plan to share it with a good friend that is new to running. I will be thinking of both you and Kirsten this weekend and wishing you a wonderful, memorable race! Amy