Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dear Motivation, (a letter to a friend)


Where did you go? A few weeks ago we were hanging out together every day.  I thought we had something special.  What happened?? Okay, I did go to Florida for a week and yes, I took it pretty easy.  Perhaps you needed a break, too?  Totally fair.  You've been working hard.  But, I really need you back now.  Shifting gears after a vacation and trying to get back into a rhythm is tough.  The fact that you're not here with me is making it that much more difficult.  Yesterday I went up to the track to run some 400s in the rain.  My good friend DESIRE came with me.  We warmed up together and discussed the fact that we both wanted to be out there.  But then, when it was time to start the workout, DESIRE alone just wasn't enough to get me through it.  I really needed you, too.  It didn't help that the track; which is pretty run down, and has weeds growing through its cracks, was riddled with geese who were staring at me and seemed to be saying, "what the hell are you doing here?"  If you were there, MOTIVATION, we probably would have laughed together and forged ahead; letting them know that the track is for runners, not for birds.  But you weren't there.  So, we shared it, the geese and I, moving back and forth so as not to disturb each other as we plodded along.  It was kind of pathetic, actually.  My good buddy RELIEF was there for me when I finished.  So reliable, he is.  We ran home together, both feeling good about having gotten our work done.  But, without you, neither of us was very satisfied.  In the meantime, my old nemesis DREAD seems to be lurking around the corner.  He's not here yet, but he tends to creep in when the door is open, even if it's just a crack.  I do not like hanging out with him and I know you don't particularly care for him either.  So come on, MOTIVATION, let me buy you a coffee.  Lord knows we both could use one.  But then, your break is over, big guy.  Hopefully you're well rested because we've both got a lot to do.
Yours truly,


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