Thursday, August 15, 2013

Late Night With Rosie & Grace

This past week, my girls and I have spent some quality time with my in-laws on the Cape.  Last night, we had a pretty big night out with Nana and Papa.  We all went to "kids night" at their club, an event that involved hula hoops, shirley temples (multiple), freeze dance and ice cream sundaes.  There might have been some dinner in there, but I'm not 100% sure on that.  According to Rosie, it was "the best night ever".  She tends to say that a lot, which I think is fantastic.  The only downside of the evening, for both me and the girls, was bedtime.  When we got home, the girls were both hyped up on sugar and beyond exhausted.  It's a deadly combo because they are convinced they're not tired but if I don't get them to bed they are guaranteed to unravel.  These nights are few and far between so it's a small price to pay (though, truthfully, I never say that at the time).  After much debating, some whining from them, and some warnings from me, the girls finally settled into bed; face paint and all.  They were still pretty wired and it was after 9:00 so when they asked me to listen to music, I caved.  Here's how the night played out:

Rosie: Can we listen to Taylor Swift while we fall asleep?
Mom: Okay.  But no getting up and no touching the volume.  Deal?
Both girls: Deal
---> There was a nice long stretch of quiet here when I was assuming/hoping that they were drifting off.  Next thing I know, I'm hearing:
"I don't know about you, but I'm feelin' 22"....
The girls were singing at the top of their lungs, belting it out with passion.  They were both out of bed and the dance party was on.  Yes, I was annoyed, but I also thought it was hilarious.  Up I went.
Mom: Girls...what is going ON?  We made a deal.  Music in bed only.  You have got to get to sleep.  I'm turning it off if I hear you up again.
Rosie: Okay, okay.
Grace: no response...just lots of giggles
---> Another stretch of quiet here.  I was cautiously optimistic.  And then...shouting, crying, and more shouting.  Holy crap.  Up I went again.
Mom: Girls...come on.  What happened?
Rosie: I want to listen to 'Red' and Grace says she doesn't like this album which means she basically doesn't like Taylor Swift because 'Red' is, like, her longest album.
Grace: (crying) I do like her, ROSIE. I just don't like this one.  I like the other one better.
Mom: Grace, are you serious?  This is not something to cry over.  We are talking about music here.
Grace: But Rosie said...
Mom: It doesn't matter what Rosie said, Grace.  And, Rosie, she doesn't have to like ALL the Taylor Swift albums.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
Rosie: But, mom, how can you like one album but not another by the same person?
Mom: Every album is different, Rosie.  People hear different things and everyone has different tastes.  And when......(I cut myself off at this point).  Girls, we can discuss this tomorrow.  For now, go to sleep.  No more singing, dancing or crying.  I love you.  Good night.

There were several takeaways for me from this late night circus with Rosie & Grace:
1. Classical musical would have probably been a better choice than Taylor Swift.
2. We all hear music differently and that is a good thing.
3. These conversations with my girls are both valuable and priceless.  I need to encourage them to have them more often. (just not at 9:30 at night).
4. 2 shirley temples and an ice cream sundae might be a bit too much for a 6 year old.
5. We are always learning all the time.  All of us.  And that is also a good thing.

Listen to this:
Don't Stop - The Dodos  

*The Dodos' new album, Carrier, is set to be released on Aug. 27.  Oh boy.

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  1. I love Taylor Swift, and I understand where the kids are coming from in regards to which one they like better, I'm the same with some other albums (not Taylor) that I own.
    At least you kept your cool.