Monday, August 12, 2013

Max for the Minimum

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize 
they were the big things."
~ Robert Brault 

As I recently mentioned, my family just got back from a week long vacation up on Lake Winnepesaukee in NH.  Site unseen, we rented a "cute" little house right on the water.  Turns out it was a very small, shoe-box of a cottage that happened to be bright turquoise.  My girls loved it.  My husband and I thought it was funny.  Really funny.

Fortunately, we didn't have to worry too much about the inside of the house as we spent 90% of the week outside.  We did a lot of boating, some solid lounging, a ton of floating, some tubing, a whole lot of swimming and some good exploring, along with lots of other things ending in -ing.  You gotta love the rental situation.  No washer/ dryer?  No problem.  Who needs clean clothes on vacation?  Is it gross that my shorts could stand on their own by Friday? A little.  Did I care?  Not at all.  Our towels (which we all shared) never really got fully dry while we there.  No one seemed to notice that either.  Okay, maybe I noticed a little by the end of the week.  But you get what you get and you make the most of it.  There is something so satisfying in knowing that, not only can you successfully function but you can have a lot of fun with very little beyond your basic needs.  We did invest in some foam noodles (turquoise, to match the house),

a ridiculously huge pirate raft (which all four of us could lay on if we squeezed) 

and a hand pump to blow up said raft.  Sure, we got a few other odds and ends throughout the week (including the new kicks that I mentioned last Friday), but for the most part we got by just fine with our dirty clothes and wet towels.  It was easily one of our best (and cheapest) vacations.  I do realize this story has very little to do with running.  But I still thought it was worth sharing because a) I thought you'd appreciate it and b) as I was lacing up and getting ready to hit the road today, I couldn't help but note, once again, how little it takes (in this case, a morning run) to make us feel so good.

Listen to this:
Every Chance We Get We Run - David Guetta & Alesso (feat. Tegan & Sara)

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