Monday, September 16, 2013

Lord Huron & Alt-J

On Friday night I had the pleasure of seeing both Lord Huron and Alt-J at the Fleet Boston Pavilion in Boston.  I dragged my music wing(wo)man down from VT to go with me because a) she loves music, b) she's great company and c) it doesn't feel quite as dorky to be a mom rocking out at a show when there are two of us.  Okay, maybe it is, but there is strength in numbers.  My husband purchased the tickets for us and as we were parking we realized that they had VIP stamped on them.  We had no idea what that meant but we figured it had to be good.  We headed into the pavilion and were told that our tickets gave us access to the VIP tent which had it's own restaurant and bar, a lounge and it's own set of bathrooms (very handy mid-show).  As the hostess put on our bracelets we asked her if she'd mind shooting a photo of us in front of the VIP sign because...well, because we had to.  She totally got it.  The bartender was not afraid to make fun of us as he watched from afar.  We didn't care.

CJZ & I proving that we were, in fact, VERY important.
Shortly after we arrived, Lord Huron came on.  We ran, literally, to our seats.  Lord Huron is an american indie folk band with a slightly alternative twist.  As they began to play, I was instantly drawn into the beautiful, heartbreaking tale that is Lonesome Dreams (their debut album).  We sat back and listened as they told us their story.  With each song we found ourselves nodding, responding, even... Yes.  We hear you.  Tell us more.  She left you?  NO.  Go GET her.  Hurry.  We floated along with them on this short but incredible journey.  I find that their music stirs up emotions in me that I didn't even know were brewing.  Hearing it live just brings them out even more.   They have this uncanny ability to gently grip their audience into a hold that feels firm but not too tight.  And then, when the time is right, they open up a little more and expose themselves just enough to make us feel like we are an integral part the story; if only for a moment.  I've not had an experience like this at a show in quite some time.  It was truly amazing.  

Lord Huron deep in their groove.
After a short break, Alt-J came on and brought things to a whole new level.  We braced ourselves as they took us in a totally different direction.  We were briefly distracted by the gentleman next to us who felt as though it was a perfectly normal to take his shirt off and wildly undulate within the first 5 minutes.  Thankfully, the band roped us in with their eerie, mesmerizing sound and "no-shirt" guy was quickly forgotten.  Alt-J is an indie-rock group with an auditory effect that compares to no other, primarily due to singer Joe Newman's strange and sensual voice.  What makes this band so good is their rhythm; the ups and downs, the vibrations, the pauses, the way each of them works off of the other and then waits patiently to come back in.  Drummer Thom Green works to tie it all together in a way that helps the listener make sense of it, if only a little.  Each song left me speechless and the whole show was kind of an out-of-body experience.  It was a gift and I am forever indebted.

Thom Green of Alt-J taking us there.
Music can be so incredibly powerful.  And once a while, it moves me like almost nothing else can.  Last night was one of those times.  I am insanely lucky that something so simple and accessible can do this for me.  With each show that I see, each album that I listen to, each new band that I discover, I have a greater appreciation for music and all that it gives me.  I love that.


Lord Huron - Lonesome Dreams
She Lit A Fire  
Time To Run  
The Man Who Lives Forever  

Something Good  
Dissolve Me  

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  1. I totally relate to you! i am in my 40's and lucky to have a friend that will tag along to concerts with me, and doesn't leave me for acting like a teenager! Someone just introduced me to Alt J this weekend, and can't wait to download some songs.