Friday, November 8, 2013

Going GAGA for Running

A guest post by fellow writer & runner, Spencer Blohm:

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you know that Lady Gaga is releasing an album soon. Artpop is set to be released Nov. 11, so in celebration of that, Rebecca has been kind enough to let me put together a running playlist for you that spans Gaga’s career to help you power through your next run.

Do What U Want: With lyrics like “Write what you want/Say what you want about me/If you’re wondering/Know that I’m not sorry” this song provides a bit of an self-confidence boost as you hit the pavement. Her third single off Artpop clocks in at 99 bpm it’s the perfect song for those of you looking to hit a 5:12 minute mile.

Teeth: The pounding beat of this song off The Fame Monster serves as the perfect setting for any run. With a bpm of 99, you’ll have to run at double the pace of the song to get a mile time of 5:48.

Applause: Her first single off Artpop serves as her answer to “Jock Jams” with lyrics like “Give me the thing that I love/ Put your hands up, make em touch”. The upbeat lyrics make the song a perfect track to start your workout and clock in at an 11-minute mile.

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich: This jam off her debut album, The Fame, serves as the perfect track for a slower day. With a bpm of 120, the song is the perfect tempo for a slow 13-minute mile or serves as the ideal track for a power walk or elliptical session.

Telephone: This megahit featuring another pop diva, Beyoncé, is guaranteed to get you up and moving, even if it’s just dancing. Clocking in a 122 bpm, the song is a nice warm-up track for a slower first mile, or a rapid dancing session.

Speechless: This power ballad off of her sophomore album, The Fame Monster, is a great choice for those of us looking at clocking in at around 10 minutes a mile. It’s powerful piano led beats can be doubled for a bpm of 73, an ideal bpm for a mile time of 10:24.

Bad Romance: Bring your workout to a close with Gaga’s trademark song. At 119 bpm, it’ll give you a 13:06 mile time which is perfect for a cool down jog or a quick walking pace if you prefer to cool down that way.

About the Author: 
Spencer Blohm is a freelance entertainment, music, fashion, and lifestyle blogger for SatelliteStarInternet. When not working, he can be found pounding the pavement in Chicago’s north side or working on creating the perfect running playlist.

---> Many thanks to Spencer for his contribution.  Always a pleasure.

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