Friday, November 1, 2013

New Month, New "To-Do"s, New Music


There's nothing like starting a new month the day after Halloween.  Seriously, who thought of that??  Super fun to get my kids out of bed today after they'd been hopped up on sugar all night.  'Tis the price we pay.  Moving on.  November happens to be another big one.  Big for my high school cross country team because they will run in the most important races of their season this month.  Big for family as we all gather for Thanksgiving after not having seen each other since the summer.  And big for my daughter, Rosie, who turns 9 at the end of the month. WHAT??  Yes, I am in shock.  It's also kind of big from a seasonal perspective as the temps will begin to drop and we'll likely start to see some snow.  It's the relative calm before the holiday storm that follows in December.  Never a dull moment, folks.  Here's what I have on my November "to-do" list:

1. Get out the hats and gloves.
2. See my high school XC team through their final weeks of the season; taking them first to Divisionals (11/9) and then, hopefully, on to States (11/16).
3. Run some fun, SHORT, local races with friends.
4. Mentally prepare myself for my daughter's birthday party which will be happening in my basement and involves nine 8 year old girls, ice cream sundaes and nail polish.
5. Enjoy a relaxing Thanksgiving break with my family, eating a lot of food, and watching a stupid amount of football at my parents' house on Martha's Vineyard.
6. Bid farewell to the aforementioned house that our family has enjoyed for over 10 years, as it was recently sold. (sniffle)
7. Start the Christmas lists. (deep breaths)
8. Read "Where'd you Go, Bernadette" by Maria Semple (I'm halfway through, it's hilarious)
9. Watch my daughter perform in her 3rd grade play as a 'person' from the American colonial past.
10. And the easy one, listen to some good music.

Happy November, everyone.  Here's to another great month.


Here Comes the Night Time - Arcade Fire 

* Note: Arcade Fire's new album, REFLEKTOR, is epic and deserves your time and attention.


Sleigh Bells - Bitter Rivals

OH, AND.....

TRICK OR TREAT YURBUDS WINNER: Congrats to Lindsay D, who won herself a new pair or orange INSPIRES for women.  Rock on, Linsday!

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