Thursday, November 28, 2013


Yesterday, despite the gale force winds and the torrential rain, we took the ferry over to Martha's Vineyard to spend the holiday with my extended family.  My parents bought this house in 2003 and we have spent 10 amazing years here; this one being our last, as the house was sold last month.  This Thanksgiving will undoubtedly be a little bittersweet.  We have already shed a few tears and had some good laughs over some of the memories and will likely continue to do so until we leave on Sunday.  It is what it is.  I love running on the island and have been looking forward to doing the Oak Bluffs Turkey Trot, a very low key event that I've always enjoyed.  This morning I woke up early intending to head over for the race.  My 6 year old shuffled in shortly after I arose to show me the rainbow tattoos and $2 that she got from the tooth fairy.  She was incredibly relieved that the fairy was able to find her even though she wasn't sleeping in her own bed.  I was incredibly relieved that I remembered to let the fairy know where we were before I went to sleep.  She crawled into bed with me, we chatted, and read some books.  The race was still on my mind, but the importance of making it over there was fading quickly.  After some good quality time with Grace, I hopped up, made some coffee and threw on my running clothes thinking I might still be able to motivate.  And then my nephew came in to my room and asked me to help him find his Nintendo DS.  It was urgent, he claimed.  I understood.  We all have our priorities.  As we began our hunt, I decided that the race was not in the cards for me.  And I was totally good with that.  I grabbed another cup of coffee and settled in for the day.  Thanksgiving day.  A day to spend with my family, to soak it all in, to relax, to snuggle with my girls, to drink more coffee, to hug my mom, to do a crossword with my dad, just to be thankful.  For all of the incredible years that we have spent at this house together.  And for all of the future adventures that are still to come for us, wherever we may be.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.

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Come Back Down - Greg Laswell (feat. Sarah Bareilles)

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