Monday, February 3, 2014

Love, Birthdays & New Music

It's February.  Still cold as hell.  But, short, sweet and filled with love.  Thank you, Hallmark.  Most of us get a nice, long week-end thanks to the Presidents.  My own kids get a week long break from school.  Yay.  And all of us are one small, but significant step closer to spring.  Have you noticed it's no longer dark at 4:30pm?  I have.  Can you feel me smiling?  I am.  Punxsutawney Phil be damned!  But, seriously, February is a big one.  Looking ahead, on February 12, I will embark on the last year of my thirties.  Bring it.  Two weeks later, on February 28, my daughter will be turning 7. (sniff)  This is the highest, and in Grace's mind the only, priority of the month in our household.  Let the countdown begin.  Finally, and no one really cares about this but me, my mileage will begin to steadily creep up as I am now less than 3 months away from the Boston marathon.  Holy moly.  So, hello February.  Let's ride.

My February "To-do" List:
1. Plan my 6 (turning 7) year old's birthday party. (note how this one is first on the list)
2. Go see Lord Huron at the Royale in Boston with my music wing-ladies.
3. Ski my brains out with my family during February break.
4. Turn 39.  
5. Give my husband a funny dog card on Valentine's day. (12 years in counting)  
6. Give my children those disgusting candy hearts to eat and hand out to their friends on Valentine's day. (seriously, who thought of this?)
7. Go watch the LHS ladies crush it in their Divisional meet for indoor track.
8. Get my long runs up to 17 miles by the end of the month.  Gulp.
9. Laugh, sing, and cut a rug as much as possible.
10. Listen to, enjoy and share the RWM music of the month.

Happy February, everyone.  Spread the love.

Tourists - Bright Moments


Chiaroscuro - I Break Horses

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