Friday, February 7, 2014

Share the Road: A Top 10 List

This past Monday, I was running in my neighborhood, and, unfortunately, having to share the road with drivers because the sidewalks were both icy and covered in snow.  As I crested a hill, a very nice, older couple slowed their car down and moved to the side so they could pass me.  I waved to thank them and they smiled and nodded back.  Two seconds later, Joe Schmo pulled up behind them and slammed on his horn to get them to pick it up.  When he saw why they had slowed, he rolled his eyes and threw his hands up in frustration.  For real.  What I didn't get to say (or yell), because the whole thing happened in a matter of seconds, was, "Dude, where the hell else am I supposed to go?"  The bottom line is, I don't like sharing the road with drivers any more than they do, but in the winter, I often don't have a choice.  I am 5' 3", on a good day.  I am somewhat petite.  I take up maybe a foot of the road (dance moves included).  I'm asking cars to slow down or move 2 hairs to the right for a mere second of their day.  And yet, to Joe, and many others, I am still "the annoying runner that I almost hit today while I was out driving".  It is what it is.

On Wednesday, it snowed over a foot here in the Boston area.  Beautiful.  Super fun for the kids.  But a runner's worst nightmare.  The lack of sidewalks, icy streets and ridiculously large mounds of snow that pile up post-blizzard make running virtually impossible.  And yet, we're still gonna do it.  Maybe not that day.  But, certainly a day or two after.  It's just what we do.  Today is Friday and I'm lacing up.  But, I'm headed out with a few different strategies for all the drivers that get mad and honk at me.  We'll see which one works best.  Be smart.  Be safe.  Be nice.  And keep running.


1. Pick up the pace as though they are honking to see how fast you can go.
2. Shout "thank you" and nod as if their honk was to acknowledge that you are a badass (which you are).
3. Look behind you as though they are honking at someone or something else.
4. Move way over to the side of the road to give them more room than they could possibly need.
5. Shrug your shoulders and give them a confused look as though you have no idea why they are honking.
6. Stop completely and stare at them.
7. Madly point to the sidewalk that is covered with snow.
8. Pretend you don't see or hear anything at all.
9. Laugh.  Like, really hard.
10.  Smile and wave.

Listen to this:
Young Hearts - Strange Talk


  1. I would personally do #6.
    Just sayin'.

    1. Yea, I like that one. Have done most of them this week!

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