Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What Rest?

Ahhhh, vacation.  A short period of respite created by an unknown genius who understood that we all need a solid break from the tedium of our everyday lives.  In my case, a break from tasks including, but not limited to, making lunches, doing homework with my girls, carpooling from A to B to C and then back to A, grocery shopping, doing laundry, training, coaching, and just basically anything that requires being "on".  Yes, vacation is meant to be a week to sit back, relax, and put our feet up.  Or, um...not. We Trachsels...we like to keep things moving.  All the time.  Day one of vacation, there was no resting to be had.  The alarm clock went off at 6:15am so my husband could get my older daughter over to a different mountain to ski and race with her peers.  We wouldn't want to keep things easy, either, so we threw a couple carpools into the mix for that adventure.  From that point on, things were as crazy as ever, just different crazy. As it turns out, the daily tasks for our vacation week were just a slight variation from our daily tasks at home.  Here's a sample day:

~ Wake up early and gulp down 2 cups of coffee. (actually, this one is the same)
~ Get kids up, both exhausted from going to bed too late. (after all, it is vacation)
~ Get them dressed with enough layers for sub-zero temps. (not every day, but most)
~ Get their teeth and hair brushed. (not going to lie, this one didn't always happen)
~ Look for missing ski sock under bed, couch and then find it under curtain.
~ Pack boot bag and make sure all necessities are inside ie. helmet, gloves, neckie, goggles, boots, pajamas. (Rosie wanted to wear them skiing and I didn't fight this one)
~ Leave house by 7:50 in order to get Rosie off with her team by 8:15.
~ Lose and find neck warmer at the lodge....twice.
~ Get younger daughter over to a different ski school by 9:30.
~ Race home and try to get a run in before I need to be back for lunch with older daughter at 11:30. (did this 3 days out of 7. Friends helped me out with drop off and pick up, bless them)
~ Head back to the mountain to ski with husband and/or friends for a couple hours.
~ Grab Rosie from practice and shovel lunch into our mouths. (oh yeah, still made lunches every day)
~ Rush back out to the hill for a few runs before Rosie has to go back with her team.
~ Maybe go to the bathroom if there is time.
~ Head over to the other side of the mountain to grab younger daughter.
~ Ski with her after lunch until 3:00
~ Pick up older daughter and ski together as a family until 4:00.  (had to get that family time in.  One whole hour of it)
~ Re-pack bags and car and pray that we have everything that we started with.
~ Head over to lodge for a well earned cold beer or hot chocolate.
~ Chill out with friends while the girls night ski from 4:30-6:30 with their buddies. (wouldn't want to go home and rest here.  Way too much fun to be had)
~ Head home and try and drum up something for dinner.
~ Stay up too late watching Olympics with the girls.
~ Fall into bed.

And then we would wake up and do it all over again the next day.  Not exactly, but pretty close.  I suppose when you look at it this way, it's less a "vacation" and more a change of lifestyle for a week.  But, despite the chaos, we love it.  We are beyond lucky that we get to do it.  And, really, who has time to rest, anyway?

Little Grace and her cousins at Cannon Mountain
You can't see their faces, but if you could
you'd know they were having a ball!
Listen to this:
Pretty Thing - Broods  

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