Monday, April 7, 2014

Heartbreak (Hill) Music

Heartbreak Hill in Boston
(kidding, but it is what it feels like)
I have run the Boston marathon three times over the past 7 years.  As you all know, I am motivated and driven by music when I run and race.  But, that said, Boston is one of the few races where I can pause my music during several sections of the course and let the sound of the crowd carry me.  I love that.  I'm guessing the crowd is going to be a huge motivating force for most of us this time around.  HUGE.  And even with that, when I am starting up those hills that lead to Heartbreak, I'm sure I will be leaning heavily on will.i am and CHVCHES, among others, to help push me along and to drown out the various emotions that start taking over at that specific point in the race ie. fear, doubt, anger, and the overwhelming urge to step off the course and sit down.  (happens every time)  This year, I am planning ahead.  Not that you can really plan anything that happens in a marathon, but still.  Knowing I will need this critical bit of support for this brutal 5 mile stretch that ends with the hill from hell, I have been on a mad hunt for some new music with the hope that it will help spark some fresh motivation on race day. The hills in Boston are alive, whether I like it or not.  It might as well be with the sound of music.  It's that or my breathing. I'll take the music.  Here's what I've found.  Got anything else?  14 days in counting.  Tic toc.

No Miracles - Kid Kink (feat. Elle Varner & MGK)  
Check it Out - will.i am & Nicki Minaj  
Transition - DWNTWN  
Zvvl - CHVCHES  
Children of the Sun - Fire In The Hamptons  
Rescue - Yuna  
Mirror - Kat Dahlia  
Stargazer - Fire In the Hamptons  
XXX 88 - MØ(feat. Diplo)  (Note: I am digging this whole album at the moment. It's sizzling.)

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