Saturday, April 19, 2014

Today In Boston I....

1. Watched with pride and excitement as the city came alive at 7:00am.

2. Met and hung out with my Oiselle teammates
(Ellen, Allie & Anne)

3. Watched Sally Bergesen & Lauren Fleshman fly in the BAA 5K.

4. Noticed these ducks.
(seemingly annoyed that we were in their park)

5. Had a lovely conversation at Dunkin Donuts with Bart Yasso
& Jeff Galloway (standing behind us, purchasing his coffee)

6. Stood in awe as I watched Sally, who had literally just busted out a sub-19 5K, effortlessly set up at the Oiselle booth at City Sports.

7. Continued to stand in awe as Kara Goucher snapped a photo of her fans
with teammate Lauren Fleshman by her side.

8. Walked down the middle of Newbury Street, which is currently closed
for the marathon.  TOTALLY surreal.

All before lunch.  Needless to say, it was a pretty spectacular morning.

Listen to this:
Embrace - Goldroom  

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