Thursday, April 9, 2015


O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?
~ Percy Bysshe Shelley

So it's spring.  But, not really.  We haven't seen much of the sun these days and I'm pretty sure we haven't gotten above 40 yet here in the Boston area.  A couple days ago, the track coaches and I were chatting while the kids warmed up.   Inside.  Because we still can't run on our outdoor track yet.  The head men's coach mentioned that he'd seen the 'S' word on the forecast for the week-end.  We all laughed because we knew exactly what he was talking about - the 'S' word being snow, of course.  I have been trying really, really hard to stay positive over the past couple weeks.  And this morning...well, this morning I kind of lost it.  It was 32 degrees outside and sleeting.  I believe the weatherman called it a "wintry mix."  Seriously??  Spring is nowhere to be seen.  Want to know how I can tell?


1. The heat is still on in my house and basically everywhere else that I go.
2. I hate the treadmill and yet I'm still using it.
3. My neighbors' Christmas lights are still up and I don't find this the least bit weird.

4. I am still  wearing my hat, gloves and jacket.  Every. Single. Day.
5. There is still snow on the ground.

6. My kids don't want to play outside.  Ever.
7. I stare longingly at the flip flops in my closet every time I look inside.
8. There is not a single flower in sight.
9. The weather forecast says 60 and sunny for this week-end and I don't believe it.
10. It's 35 degrees out, dark and sleeting.  And it's been like this for days/weeks.  That about sums it up.

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Monkey Safari - Cranes

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