Friday, June 5, 2015


And if we try to stand alone
We'll be playing with a force beyond control
~ Hot Chip, 'Need You Now'

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Hot Chip, an electronic/alternative/funk group (yes, all of those things) that hails from London.  I am incredibly fortunate to have a solid group of gals in Winchester who dig going out to see live music as much as I do and four of us made the trek into the city for this one.  Kirsten and I headed in early to grab a bite before the show which was being held at the House of Blues near Fenway Park.  It's an awesome venue, but the nearby restaurant choices are slim to none.  Turns out, the only people looking to eat dinner in the Fenway area are Red Sox fans and late night club goers, and we didn't fall into either of these categories.  So, we settled on Tequila Rain, which we assumed would have a tex mex menu based on its name.  Not so much.  There were about 10 items to choose from ranging from chicken fingers to burgers; none of them Mexican or even close.  I can safely say that we will not be dining at this establishment in the future.  But, we can chalk it up to a fun, if not slightly odd experience.

w/ Kirsten in front of Tequila Rain,
the non-Mexican restaurant

Around 8:30, we met up with our other buds, Wendy and Mary Ellen and headed over to the show.  All four of us were more than thrilled to show the bouncers our IDs.  Yes, they did card everyone, but still.  When we got inside, the opening band was finishing up so we settled in to wait for Hot Chip to come on, which we were told would be around 9:30.  An hour is kind of a deadly waiting period; particularly when you're 40 years old and 9:30 is your typical bed time.  I'm speaking for myself, here.  Finally, the band took the stage and immediately hit the ground running with their latest single, 'Huarache Lights'; a funky, psychedelic number that I happen to love.  After that, I was wide awake and ready to get my groove on.  The band is lead by vocalist Alexis Taylor, a relatively small gentleman with a very big presence and a voice that has got to be one of the most unique I've ever heard.   Other notable members include guitarist Al Doyle, who is also in the well known group, LCD Soundsystem, and Owen Clarke who plays a mean synthesizer and has the stamina of a 5 year old child, as he never stopped dancing for the entire 2 hour show.  Also playing with them last night was drummer, Sarah Jones, who completely blew me away.  In so many words, she totally crushed it, visibly lifting the crowd up to a higher level with her playing in each song.  All in all, the group is incredibly eclectic, many of them playing multiple instruments and often switching with each other mid-show.  There were definitely moments when I looked around and wondered what the hell I was doing there given the type of crowd I was surrounded by.  But,  I suppose that's to be expected when you're a married, mother of two and the majority of the crowd is under 20.  


I'm not really sure what I thought I'd get from these guys as I'm a fan, but I don't know them very well.  In the end, it was above and beyond what I'd expected.  I often struggle to keep up in these late night scenarios given that I know I'll likely be waking up early the next morning to drop my kids off at school and then to head out for a run.  But in the end, it's almost always worth the effort.  For some good music, for a night out with friends, and to cut a little rug, which we all should do every once in a while.  Right?

w/ my music wing-ladies
Wendy, Mary Ellen & Kirsten

Listen to this:
Over & Over - Hot Chip 

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