Wednesday, August 19, 2015


As many of you know, I just spent five days out in Leavenworth, WA with my Oiselle teammates. A little background info...Oiselle is a fresh, fierce and fabulous women's running apparel company.  The word Oiselle is French and, loosely translated, means female bird.  Thus, the best way to describe this vacation/retreat/bootcamp/lovefest that we all just took part in is simply BIRDCAMP.  I have had the privilege of being a team member/ambassador for the brand since 2011 and this is our second annual bird camp gathering.  I know several of my fellow birds, along with the company itself, will likely post blog entries with detailed descriptions of all of our goings on.  Thus, I have tried to spin it a bit differently here.  I am going to attempt to break the whole thing down for you in numbers.  It's hard to put in words the experience that I just had with my birdfamily.  So, I'm feeling like this is going to do the trick.  For you and for me.  Flock on.


90 women
18 professional athletes
1 former Olympic athlete (Regina Joyce)
2 Bro-birds (Daniel & David)
64 songs or 4 hrs 14 mins
200 pairs of sneakers (at least, probably more)

My own sneaks on day 5. Time for new ones.

hugely anticipated reunion w/ Ashley & Nicole
8 meals in the Kingfisher dining room
5 yoga sessions w/ Bree from Jasyoga
1 morning meditation (also w/ Bree)


50 pounds of food (at least, probably more)
*Including but not limited to:
1 - 5 lb of chocolate chips (yes, they were ALL eaten)
Thousands of jellybeans
Hundreds of ounces of coffee
Hundreds of gallons of water
Hundreds of tubes of NUUN
5 lbs of pretzels
150 bagels
200 apples
* thx for the data JJ

Pre-race w/ Nicole & Holly

1 5K w/ the team
2 wrong turns (definitely NOT KMet's fault)
1 bear sighting (didn't get a photo)
7 high fives (that I was part of, I'm sure there were more)

Pre run w/ Kimmie, Tammie, Ellen, Christy & Sheila
note: we had NO idea what we were about to tackle.

16 Mile Run
1 accidental port-o-potty walk-in (He didn't lock the door. Come ON.)
3-4 stops for water & fuel
2 major

The Strava breakdown

2,512 feet of elevation gain
4-5 'F' bombs
2 twisted ankles
1 contact lense removal (due to dust)
several words of encouragement from Tammie (bless her)
3-4 tears of joy shed when we finished

Taking it all in mid-hike

2 popped tires (one elliptigo & one bike)
1 dead car battery (sorry Mel)
1 insanely beautiful & challenging 9 mile hike
2 lakes (though, I only saw one)


1 float down the Wenatchee River
67 tubes
7 paddle boards
2 kayaks
dozens of Bavarian pretzels (though, I think Sydney ate several of them)


6 lectures (including, but not limited to)
~ Physical Therapy/injury prevention w/ Jay Dicharry
~ Goal setting w/ sport psychologist Adrienne Langelier
~ Design process w/ Oiselle owner Sally Bergesen
~ USATF politics w/ pro-athlete Lauren Fleshman
breakout sessions
1 Jungle Chicken Presentation (I'm not going to be able to explain this one)

Erin Block (aka Jungle Chicken)

3 birthdays (including Penelope's 1st)
5 injured birds
5 little birds (children of mama birds)

Penelope & Sarah Mac

30 miles (my own mileage for the trip)
2 very early wake ups (thx for the ride JJ)
200 hugs (probably more)
shit ton of swag


And a partridge in a pear tree.....

Sleeping Lady gardens

.....or something like that.

Listen to this:
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  1. love this! so fantastic to meet you. going to listen to the playlist now :)

  2. Loved following you all on social media. I can't believe only 4-5 F bombs?!

    1. Ok, maybe a few more. PLus a couple other swear words that I didn't even bring up. It was rough. But, pretty badass! :)

  3. dropped in from Courtney's post! great recap :)