Friday, April 29, 2016


'Keep Moving'

A few years ago, I connected with fellow runner and now good friend, Nicole Devine, through this blog.  Nicole shares my passion for music and, like me, uses it to get herself fired up and race ready.  She's also a mom of two busy young boys and an unbelievably talented photographer (see pics scattered throughout post & follow her on Instagram at @nicdimages).  Nicole is about to run her first half marathon this Sunday, May 1st and has somehow managed to find time to share both the story that got her to this point as well as the playlist that has moved her along the way.  I'm so incredibly inspired by Nicole and all she does and her music choices have always been a big influence behind my own.  To Nicole - huge thanks for taking the RWM floor today.  Have a blast at your race on Sunday and knock 'em dead!

An "easy" 10miler in the rain this morning
(RWM note: this is one my personal favorites)

Hi, I'm Nicole, an admitted music nut and active in some form or another for most of my 43 years. But I'm not exactly what you would call a distance runner.  I follow my friend Rebecca here on social media and am in awe of her runs.  I ran cross country for a few years in grade school, as an adult I have participated in a handful of events, most of them 5Ks, and mileage for most of my normal "anyday" runs totals about 2-2.5 miles.  Then came Spring 2015.  My sister called me up on a Monday and asked if I wanted to run the Long Island marathon series 10k leg with her...that coming weekend.  I thought about it and by that evening we had signed up.  For someone who had never run a race of that length, I surprised myself with negative splits throughout the race, and a finishing time I was proud of.  After it was over, enjoying the satisfaction of the moment, I remember telling my sister "next year let's do the half".  

Red skies at night

I'm still not exactly sure if I was really serious or not. Then Fall came and I participated in one of Long Island's most famous races, The Cow Harbor 10K.  It's a hilly, challenging course but I really enjoyed myself and knew I wanted more.  Which brings me to now.  May 1st is the Long Island Half Marathon, my first, and something that I never ever thought I would do.  Every week now my long runs are new personal highs for me distance wise, and my trusty music playlist has been with me every stride of the way.  Training for the half has given me an excuse to listen to tons of different songs.  

Crosstown Traffic

My main running list is massive, 250 plus songs, helping to keep it fresh for most of my training.  I've plucked out my favorites for the race, (many of them on the list I sent with this post), and as I always do with my lists, added some older all time favorites.  I hope that many of you find something here worth adding to your lists as well.  During the race, I know I'll be able use these songs to keep me going and cross that half marathon finish line.  And it's going to be awesome.

Nicole (on right) & her sister, post-race

Listen to this:

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