Tuesday, January 17, 2017


My running partner, Kirsten, and I have been training together on and off for about 7 years.  We're currently ramping up for a May marathon.  Winter training is always particularly challenging for us for many reasons including, but not limited, to the weather which in and of itself is a constant battle.  And yet, here we are again.  We're either crazy, stupid or both when it comes to running.  But, in some sick, twisted way that I can't explain, and I'm guessing she can't either, we love it.  At least, I think we do.  As 40+ moms with busy kids and part-time jobs we are often struggling with both motivation and exhaustion.  So, we support each other, complain to each other and we laugh with and at each other often.  Here's small peek into our typical daily madness.  You'll probably laugh, too.

Sunday, January 8th
8:02pm (via text)
Me: Hey, long run tomorrow?
Kirsten: Yes. I have 15
Me: Me, too.  Yay.

Monday, January 9th
7:24am (via text)
Me: It's 6 degrees out.
K: At least it's sunny.
Me: Glass half full.  Nice.
K: Trying because on the inside I'm crying.
Me: Yes. Me, too.
K: What to leave from your house?  If so, what time?
Me: Sure.  Any time after 8:45
K: Do you have Aquafor?
Me: Yep.  Not sure I have enough for my entire body.  And yours.  Kidding.

In addition to our intermittent conversations about life, family, & friends there were several statements from both of us about the weather and the conditions ie:  Holy shit it's cold....I can't feel my fingers...ooh, that wind really sucks...okay, i can finally feel my fingers, now....watch out for that black ice....holy shit it's cold.  Until the last 2-3 miles which were up and over a massive hill and were pretty much done in silence.

K: Coffee?
Me: Hells, yeah.  I'll drive.
We might of said some other things.  I don't remember.  Doesn't matter.

1:13pm (via text)
Me: We did it.  And now I'm tired.
K:  What was our total mileage?  15.5?  I'm taking a 15 minute nap.
Me: Yes. 15.5.  Good call on the nap.  I'm going to Whole Foods.  Super excited.
K: So disciplined!
Me: No. Just want/need food and have none in the house.

5:39pm (via text)
Me: Holy crap, I'm exhausted.  Could easily go to bed right now.
K: Totally.
Me: Just gotta make it to 8:00.  Tic. Toc.
K: I get to drive to Tewksbury (30-45min drive) for hockey practice at 7:30.  Joy.
Me: Wow. Awesome.  Can you take a nap at the rink?  Kidding.  Sort of.
K: I wish but there's no heat in the "warming room". Sweet.
Me: Bring a blanket and curl up in the car??  Coffee?

---> couldn't resist
Me: Humor is getting me through at the moment.

Tuesday, January 10th
Me: Morning. It's a balmy 14 degrees out.  I have 7. You?
K: Son of a birch! Why is it still so cold??  Yes.  I'm doing 7 as well.  Want to come to me?
Me: Sure.  Regular time?
K: Yep. See you then.

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Team by Krewella (explicit)

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