Tuesday, March 14, 2017


So, next week it's officially spring.  But not really.  Sorry, I'm annoyed.  Can't help it.  I can, however, give you a RUNNERSWHOROCK interview with one of the coolest cats I know.  Pretty fair trade as far as I'm concerned.  Seriously, I'm really fired up to introduce you to the great Sasha Gollish.  Sasha's a semi-professional middle distance runner who can rip through a 1500m on the track in 4 minutes and 7 seconds and a half marathon on the road  in 71 minutes.  What??!!  (check out all her race results here).  Her goal?  To become one of Canada's greatest distance runners of all time.  And today, at the young age of 35, she's well on her way to accomplishing this goal.  Honestly, you need to know this gal.  She's a Skechers Performance athlete, which is how I originally connected with her.  She also runs on Oiselle's elite team, which is another outlet that brought us together.  We got to know each other well this fall through social media, reaching out with support and cheers before races, offering running advice during challenging situations, Sasha often providing the voice of reason for me, and giving each other post-race shout outs after performances that warranted them (she had quite a few of these).  Then, to my good fortune, her racing schedule brought us even closer together when she had a track meet here in Boston and called to see if she could stay at my humble abode for the days leading up to the event.  Ummm, yes please.  My girls were beyond giddy that a professional runner would be staying at their house.  I was equally giddy.  Ok, maybe a little bit more.  She happened to arrive the day before we got pummeled by one of the biggest snowstorms of the season.

Post-blizzard high-five

We spent a LOT of quality time together given that we were basically stuck inside for 24 hours.  Although we did get out just enough to take some quality photos together.  Yes, she's a bit dorky just like yours truly.  She's also kind, witty and great with kids (she witnessed more than one meltdown while she was with us) and we had a freaking blast together.  I'm so honored to call this woman my teammate, my friend, and my sister-in-sport.  My advice to you?  Keep an eye on this one.  She's creating quite a stir in the running world and she's just getting started.  For now, let's meet Sasha, a runner who rocks.


Name: Sasha Gollish
Where you're from: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Where you reside now: Toronto, though currently poolside in Tucson, AZ
Age: 35 going 20
Occupation: semi-pro athlete, phd student, engineer
Blog/website: www.sashagollish.com

2016 Canadian Cross Country Championships

What do you love most about running? 
The freedom it brings you no matter where you go.
What do you love most about music? 
The memories it invokes.

Band (current, all time or both):
Today - Florence & The Machine 
All time - Dave Matthews Band
Album (current, all time or both):
Today - too much good stuff to pick just one
All time - Crash by Dave Matthews Band
Race venue: Pan Am Stadium, Toronto (I ran my first ever track race there and won my first international medal there)
Music venue: Molson Amphitheater
Race distance: 1500m
Show you've seen live: Janet Jackson (true story! Velvet Rope tour, circa ~1999?)
Ice cream flavor: Toasted Marshmallow

Sweet or salty? Sweet
Live or recorded? Live
Coffee or tea? Coffee, duh!
Summer or winter? BOTH! Can’t pick one, both have so much fun associated with them. Though summer for outdoor concerts; you would freeze up in Canada at a winter outdoor show!

Which band or artist would you go see tonight if you could? Metric
Which band or artist (wait...but no longer alive or playing together)
would you go see tonight if you could? The Beatles
Which band or artist would you like to have dinner with tonight if you could? Broken Social Scene
Which band or artist would you like to be playing alongside you during your next race (or long run)? LTJ Bukem

Broken Social Scene

Today, I feel like....(complete the sentence) A unicorn!

Top 5 Songs for running, dancing or both? 
Come On Feet - Quasimoto
Dirty Paws - Of Monsters and Men
The Best of What’s around - DMB
Safe and Sound - Capital Cities
Ahead by a Century - Tragically Hip

Last 5 Songs you listened to today? 
The wifi is so bad you cannot
actually stream by the pool. 
But DJ Mark Farina’s pod cast 
channel is usually on while working.

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