Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Oh, that's the push and pull
In a short life for a long time
Just a feelin'
~ Until the Ribbon Breaks, 'Push Pull'

I'm pretty sure I write this post at least once a year or maybe even once a marathon cycle. I hit a point in my training where I'm so tired that it's almost humorous.  At least to me.  I find that all I can do is smile and laugh about it because I am teetering on the balance of function and dysfunction and if I take it too seriously I will undoubtedly fall apart.  As you may know, I'm currently training for my 20th marathon and this is by far the hardest I've ever pushed myself both physically and mentally.  I'm pretty sure I say this every time, too.  Two weeks ago I peaked at 90 miles and was a walking zombie.  This past Monday was my last 20+ miler and while I still have a couple hard workouts to tackle, the mileage is now starting to come down.  To be honest, I've done it so many times that the shock of how intensely it hits has kind of worn off.  Kind of.  I've also learned some pretty solid coping skills to get through the harder days and weeks.  Things like grabbing a 15 minute power nap in my car before school pick wonders.  In a weird (sick?) way, pushing myself to this level of exhaustion is incredibly rewarding.  I know I won't be able to do it forever.  But, I'm always surprised that my body had been able to hold on as long as it has.  This time around, I've had a couple moments during my tougher weeks where I literally stopped mid-run and laughed at myself. Take this football chair, for example.  I was finishing up a long run with my teammate when I saw this thing on the side of the road.  Someone left it out on the street, presumably to
get rid of it.  When I saw it, I remember thinking that it was a very odd piece of furniture, but at the same time, a super cool chair for a young football fan.  I also thought to myself...out loud this, that looks so insanely comfortable.  How I would love to sit in it and put my feet up right now.  I'm pretty sure my running partner agreed with me on this one and that we were both laughing about it.  Yes, that's my over-tired runner brain at it's finest, my friends.  This training cycle is almost over.  And I haven't done a TOP 10 list in quite some time.  And, in my humble opinion, it wouldn't be complete without one.  So laugh with me because you've been there.  Or laugh at me because it's ridiculous.  Me?  I'll be laughing all the way to the starting line.  Because it's all part of this crazy process and a big part of what it's all about.


1. My dog, who runs with me often, has had to literally pull me along on some of our recovery runs.  I can't imagine how funny (pathetic?) it looks to those driving by.
2. Coffee, while delicious, has almost no effect.  Almost.
3. I can't keep track of anything.  Keys, wallet, gloves.  I put them down and instantly forget where I put them.
4. The above makes me cry.
5. Driving in the evening is tough.  My car is just really comfortable.  And when darkness sets in, my mind immediately thinks about sleep.  If I'm on a longer trip, staying awake and focused requires a fresh piece of gum every hour and very loud music.
6. I find myself wearing compression socks or tights all day.  Not for recovery.  But because I'm just too tired to deal post-run.  And let's be honest, it's really hard to get those suckers off.
7. I've been needing a quick 15 minute power nap at 5 or 6 o'clock at night in order to make it to my regular 9:00 bed time.
8. On more than one occasion my kids have looked at me at suggested I take these naps.
9. I have to go to the grocery store at least 4 times a week. Not because I'm always hungry.  I am.  But, because I forget something that we need every single time I go.  I now know 4 of the cashiers by name.
10. I definitely have some repeaters on this list from the last time I posted on this situation.  But, I'm too tired to go back and check and I'm also too tired to care.

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    1. Oh, I make lists. I even bring them. I'm just not always with it when said lists are put together.