Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Too Tired

Yesterday my girls and I got home from school and headed to the front door.  I was carrying their backpacks and two pairs of ice skates.  They were carrying something of little importance that seemed to justify my effort.  My four year old stood on the front porch, shivering and asked me to hurry up.  I mentioned that she could make things easier for me by opening the storm door so I could get the key in and get us inside.  She claimed she was too tired and she didn't want to.  "Really?" I said.  "What if I was too tired to be a mom and didn't want to do it?  Could I just quit?" Ha ha ha, I chuckled to myself.  She turned around and said, "you don't know how to quit being a mom."  Fair point.  Then my seven year old chimed in, "like your running, mom.  Even when you feel too tired, you still go out.  You don't ever just quit running."  Well put, Rosie.  My four year old was still not buying it; annoyed with both of us that she was still standing there.  Despite the fact that it wasn't getting through to her, I still loved the overall message.  Just because you're too tired, you can't always quit.  And if it's something you love, you don't necessarily want to.  Eventually she'll get it.  We all do.

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