Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oh, The Places You CAN Go

This morning, my daughter asked me if we could go for a run together this week-end.  "Of course," I said, "I would love to."  Out of curiosity, I asked her what she liked most about running.  She said, "when you run, you can go wherever you want."  So true.  When you run, I thought, you can not only go anywhere on the map, but you can mentally take yourself to so many different places and across so many levels.  I didn't explain this second part to her as she's only seven, but I loved using her quote as another way to explain how I feel about running.  So, then I asked her where she wanted to go with me for our run.  She smiled and said, "Dunkin Donuts?"  Umm.  Ok.  That's not really what I was thinking, but why not?  We'll be getting out there, enjoying the fresh air, moving our legs, and, most importantly, spending time together.  Is it healthy to stop mid-run and eat a munchkin?  Not really.  But all those other things are so much more important that I say, to hell with it; at least for this particular run.  I want my daughter to love running.  And eventually, I want her to realize that when she's out there on the the road she can go wherever she wants both physically and mentally.

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