Monday, April 23, 2012

Take It And Run

Over the past week, due to the fact that I was on vacation and didn't have my running partner (yes, I missed her terribly) I listened to music for all of my workouts.  Clearly, I love running with music.  That said, after multiple one to two hour runs even my own well thought out playlist was starting to get old.  This rarely happens and it made me realize that I needed to freshen things up and pronto.  When I got home I started poking around other blogs and sites to see what people and in many cases, other runners, were into.  My effort paid off in spades.  I was thrilled to discover a song by an artist that I love to listen to but would not think to run with as he's typically kind of mellow and, some might say, slightly odd.   This song, in particular, kind of blew me away and I couldn't wait to hear it while I was out on the road (see below).  I thought it was pretty cool, too, that I found it through a fellow runner who I'm pretty sure shares a similar passion for music.  Naturally, I continued to explore and dug up quite a few new gems from various sources.  Two lessons learned and ye shall find and expect the unexpected.  Then take it and run.    

Listen to this:
Machinery of the Heavens - Patrick Watson  Machinery of the Heavens - Wooden Arms

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