Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Embrace the Hump

It's Wednesday and the 'hump' feels BIG.  It's dark and rainy outside.  My motivation level is less than zero.  My desire to get on the road is being trumped by my desire for a second cup of coffee.  When I open my closet it's as if my sneakers are saying, "please, Rebecca, we want to sleep in today.  We could really use a day off."  Perhaps all the training has gotten to my head as I'm clearly delusional.  I called a friend and explained how I feel like I'm lacking direction since I completed the marathon.  She has three young children, one of which was stirring the water in the toilet bowl pretending it was soup.  Clearly, she didn't have much time to chat but I knew she understood because in addition to being a mother, she's also a runner.  "Embrace the hump", she said.  "Pick your girls up from school and go get ice cream.  Then have a dance party in your basement."  She said I need to ditch the routine and forget about what I think I "should" be doing for a change.  That I need to focus on something totally unnecessary that will reward me in a different way.  "You don't always have to be crossing a finish line" she explained.  And then she let me know she had to hang up before her 3 year old sampled the 'soup'.  So, I opened my front door and waved to the hump.  No, I didn't really, but you get the idea.

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Old S**t / New S**t - Eels  Old S**t / New S**t - Blinking Lights and Other Revelations

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  1. Love it! We all need friends like that.