Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Will Survive (or at least be prepared)

I've never traveled for a marathon.  My race this Sunday is only an hour away from home but the 7:30am start requires spending the night in a hotel.  I'm fired up for the adventure.  I realize that Providence is a major city and I'll probably have no problem finding last minute odds and ends if something should come up.  That said, it's nice to head off with everything I might need in order to avoid any last minute stress.  As mentioned, the nerves have kicked in and sleep is eluding me.  One positive outcome of this is the below list that I have created so that I am as ready as possible when I head off on Saturday.  Clearly, we all prepare differently and have different needs as runners, so take it with a grain of salt.  That said, feel free to comment on this one if I'm forgetting anything that you think is necessary.  Here's what I came  up with.

Race Survival Kit
1. Running shoes
2. iPod or other music listening device - even if you don't listen when you are running, it's  nice to drown out the noise beforehand.  MAKE SURE ITS CHARGED.
3. Headphones
4. Extra set of headphones - as a runner who listens to music there is nothing worse than crackly sound from a blown out speaker.  You never know.
5. Bib number (if you have it ahead of time) or ID if you are going to pick it up
6. Money and credit card - you know you're going to want something at the expo.
7. Cell phone
8. Singlet and Tech Shirt - bring both in case the weather is iffy. Oiselle of course.
9. Shorts and tights (see above)
10. 2 pairs of socks
11. Warm clothes - to wear before and leave in bag for after the race.
12. Shirt/pants to be worn until the start (that you are happy to donate at the start)
13. Garbage bag - in case it's windy or rainy (please no, please no, please no)
14. Food and drink - this is very personal but I like to throw in bananas, bagels, GUs, Nuun tablets, water,     jellybeans and gum (which I chew when I'm nervous).
15. First Aid Kit - including but not limited to Advil, bandaids, Tums, tape, body glide.
16. Extra contact lenses - learned this one the hard way as I squinted through my last half marathon.
17. Sun protection - screen, hat/visor, glasses, chap-stick
18. Warm hat and gloves - you never know on the weather, especially at 6:00am
19. Miscellaneous items - rubber bands, safety pins, pens
20. Lucky charm - for me this is fairy dust from my 5 year old (a zip lock bag of crushed up saltines) and a Pokemon card from my 7 year old.

Am I obsessed?  Maybe.  But as my mom always says, "you can never be too prepared".

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