Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vacation (continued) - A Top Ten List

Top 10 Comments from Monday's Post - "A Vacation"

On Monday I wrote how I recently took a fall and bruised my ribs.  I complained a little (sorry).  I vented my frustration with not being able to run.  And I discussed the fact that I rarely take a true vacation from running.  If you want the detailed version feel free to click here.  There is nothing I love more than getting comments and suggestions from people who are reading my posts through the various channels.  The responses to this one were so good that I felt they deserved to be shared.  We've all done something that's prevented us from running (or for non-runners, doing whatever it is that we love to do).  Well, as it turns out, a lot of the comments below will apply to anyone who's been in this boat.  My personal favorite is number 10.  Thanks to everyone for taking the time to write. (my own comments in orange)

1. If he wasn't wearing Saucony's, I'd have said FIRE HIM. But, apparently he might know something. - Ok, I'll go with that.
2. Shit happens. - It does indeed.
3. My own list would have at the end, "have a beer or two" :-) - Very good addition.
4. Have compassion for yourself - I never do this but I should try.  Thanks JH.
5. It could have been worse - It absolutely could have.
6. I bet it won't take long for you to get right back into your rhythm.  - Probably (hopefully) right. Thanks, RE.
7. Go ride a bike with your kids instead.  - Great idea.  We did it this morning.
8. That's why I don't run.  - Well, that's not going to change for me but I appreciate the humor.
9. Try and enjoy your vacation from running and most importantly keep breathing (correctly)! - She's right, vacation should be enjoyed.  Breathing is good, too.  Thanks EL.
10. At least you can still rock out.  - And then there's that.

And so I rock.....

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